Why are Anele Mdoda and Kelly

Anele Mdoda and Kelly Rowland trended on Twitter. Images via Instagram @zintathu @kellyrowland.

Why are Anele Mdoda and Kelly Rowland trending AGAIN? [watch]

Every time Kelly Rowland trends on Twitter, so does television and radio host Anele Mdoda. Here’s what happened this time.

Why are Anele Mdoda and Kelly

Anele Mdoda and Kelly Rowland trended on Twitter. Images via Instagram @zintathu @kellyrowland.

American singer Kelly Rowland and South African television and radio personality Anele Mdoda were trending on Twitter yet again on Thursday 14 October. 


It seems every time Kelly Rowland trends on Twitter, so does Anele Mdoda. This is because of a comment Anele made about two years ago, which is still haunting her.

Back in 2019, television personality Sizwe Dhlomo tweeted that Kelly was the most good looking member of Destiny’s Child. 

“Kelly Rowland could lowkey be the best looking one in DC…,” wrote Sizwe in the since-deleted tweet. 

Anele Mdoda was very opinionated on the matter and said that the Motivation hitmaker only “looks amazing with makeup,” and said she had receipts. She then went on to share a picture of the singer with and without makeup.


Since then everytime Kelly trends on Twitter, so does Anele. In September, the former Destiny’s Child group member shared a fiery snap in a yellow swimsuit. The swimsuit looked almost identical to the one the Breakfast Club radio host wore on her Maldives vacation. The pair began to trend again and it quickly turned into a matter of slamming and body shaming Anele.

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On Thursday 14 October, the duo began to trend again. This was simply because Kelly posted a few snaps before she attended Netflix’s The Harder They Fall film premiere. 

It was not long before South African Tweeps were mentioning Anele in the comments section of the post and she therefore began to trend again for a brief period.


The radio host also shared a snap of herself yesterday, close to the same time Kelly shared her premiere photos! 

Tweeps were showering her with compliments over how good she looked.



While at the premiere of The Harder They Fall, which is produced by Jay Z, Netflix caught a priceless moment on camera. As Jay Z was heading inside, he did a 180 degree turn and headed back out when he saw his wife Beyoncé’s best friend, Kelly. Watch the heartwarming clip here.

“Obsessed with this super cute moment from last night’s special screening of The Harder They Fall — Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter (who is a producer) is headed inside but pulls a 180 as soon as he sees Kelly Rowland! That’s family right there,” Netflix captioned the post.