AKA, ntsiki mazwai, nelli tembe

Nelli Tembe claims she is being ‘haunted’ by AKA’s fiancee Nelli Tembe.
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@ntsikimazwaimedia/ Instagram: @akaworldwide

‘Nelli Tembe haunts me’: Ntsiki Mazwai makes confession about AKA’s fiancée

Outspoken media personality Ntsiki Mazwai has opened up about being ‘haunted’ by AKA’s fiancée Nelli Tembe, who fell to her death in 2021.

AKA, ntsiki mazwai, nelli tembe

Nelli Tembe claims she is being ‘haunted’ by AKA’s fiancee Nelli Tembe.
Images via Twitter:
@ntsikimazwaimedia/ Instagram: @akaworldwide

Outspoken media personality Ntsiki Mazwai has confessed to feelings of guilt after not “speaking up” on the death of AKA’s fiancée Nelli Tembe in 2021. She’s even gone as far as to claim that the young woman “haunts” her.

The former Moja Love presenter made the revelation in a series of tweets.

Ntsiki has been vocal about her disdain for AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – who was shot and killed by masked gunmen in Durban back in February. She’s also criticised his ex, DJ Zinhle, over her parenting style to the former couple’s daughter Kairo.

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In May, the National Prosecuting Authority announced that it had reopened an investigation into Nelli Tembe’s death.

According to Sunday World, the parents of AKA – Tembe’s fiancé at the time – have been informed of the decision.

Tembe – a model and qualified chef – died after she allegedly jumped to her death off the tenth floor of a Cape Town hotel on 10 April 2021. At the time, she was with her rapper partner.

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Nelli’s death has been clouded with uncertainty after her family expressed suspicions about what really happened. The Tembe family reportedly took the NPA to task over claims the latter failed to prosecute anyone – namely Forbes – following her death in 2021.

But while many South Africans are hoping it brings closure to the family of Nelli Tembe, Ntsiki Mazwai is still reeling from feelings of guilt.

“Rest in Peace, Nelli Tembe,” she tweeted earlier this week.”

When one tweep questioned why she had brought up the young woman’s death, Ntsiki responded: “Yes, it does haunt me that I wasn’t more vocal. But I was lawsuit deep.”

She added: “Nelli Tembe haunts me.”

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Ntsiki is no doubt referring to a lawsuit filed against her by DJ’s Euphonik and Fresh over a series of defamatory tweets posted by her.


Following the death of AKA in March, Ntsiki Mazwai trended after insinuating that Nelli Tembe’s death was not a suicide.

She tweeted an image from a viral video of AKA breaking down a hotel room door: “It’s so deep how we moved on from these gruesome pics of the video that was deleted while with the police….like a missing docket.”

Ntsiki Mazwai previously voiced her thoughts on how she felt about the rapper moving on mere months after his fiance’s death.

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She tweeted: “At the funeral, Neli’s siblings had to walk BEHIND the Forbes family. Barely six months had passed, and how quickly their little sister was replaced…After they couldn’t walk beside her coffin. This is so deeply disturbing for me”.

Nelli Tembe
Ntsiki Mazwai has revisited the death of AKA’s fiancée Nelli Tembe. Images via Twitter @ntsikimazwai/ @akaworldwide

She continued: “I have siblings. I remember how I found that moment INCREDIBLY WRONG. Ego was placed over genuine love.”

Ntsiki then vowed to keep Nelli’s memory alive. She continued: “I remember Nelli Tembe. I will not erase her.

And then the star ended her thoughts with a thought-provoking statement. She posted: “One day someone needs to explain why the family said Nelli didn’t commit suicide….”