AKA, grave

AKA’s parents have welcomed fans who wish to visit his grave.
Images via Instagram: @lynnforbesza

‘Share him with the world’: AKA’s parents approve of grave visitors

Despite concerns of vandilisation, AKA’s parents have embraced fans who wish to visit his grave at the Heroes Acre in West Park Cemetery.

AKA, grave

AKA’s parents have welcomed fans who wish to visit his grave.
Images via Instagram: @lynnforbesza

Since his death almost three months ago, the grave of AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – has become a shrine for his fans, known as the Megacy.

But despite the influx of visitors to his final resting place at Heroes Acre in West Park Cemetry, the rapper’s parents have shared their approval.

AKA was shot and killed by unknown gunmen in Durban in February. The 35-year-old hitmaker left behind his only child, daughter Kairo Forbes.

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Speaking to You Magazine, Lynn and Tony Forbes revealed that AKA’s fans were welcome to visit his grave.

Mom Lynn said: “I realised that when you have a son like Kiernan, you need to be willing to share him with the world. I see the Megacy as my children, and I appreciate the love and support”.

Dad Tony, the acts of kindness from AKA’s fans are heartwarming. He added: “So many people have shared the impact that Kiernan and his music had on their lives. It’s made us all so proud.”

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AKA’s fans were seen posing alongside his tombstone. Image via Twitter (screenshot) @ThegreatoneZa

According to the publication, the hitmaker’s parents also hope to honour his memory by giving back to the Megacy by helping up-and-coming artists.

Tony added: “I’d like to help develop other artists to become as good as AKA, if not better. As a family, we have the resources to put our energy behind projects that can produce more artists”.

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Meanwhile, AKA’s parents took his four Metro FM awards to his grave, a day after the music ceremony.

The late rapper scooped four Metro FM Awards in the following categories;

  • Artist of the Year
  • Best Collaboration Song (Lemons to Lemonade ft Nasty C)
  • Best Hip Hop Artist
  • and Best Male Artist

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AKA’s posthumous album Mass Country was released just two weeks after his gruesome murder. According to many friends and fans, the hitmaker “knew” it would be his last musical offering.

After appearing at the awards ceremony, the star’s parents and their granddaughter made a trip to his final resting place at the West Park Cemetry in Johannesburg.

The rapper is buried among music royalty like Mandoza and Robbie Malinga in the Heroes Acre.

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