AKA dj zinhel murdah bongo

DJ Zinhle has been accused of disrespecting her husband Murdah Bongz.
Images via Instagram

‘He could die’: Tweeps explain Bongani’s absence at AKA’s funeral

THIS is the reason why DJ Zinhle’s husband Bongani Mohosana will not be attending AKA’s funeral or memorial services…

AKA dj zinhel murdah bongo

DJ Zinhle has been accused of disrespecting her husband Murdah Bongz.
Images via Instagram

The funeral and memorial services of slain South African rapper AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – have been announced. But apart from the heartbreaking news sinking it, the announcement that DJ Zinhle’s husband, Bongani Mohosana, would not attend has become a hot Twitter topic.

According to the artist’s family, “cultural protocol” has dictated that the spouse of Zinhle stay away from both services.

Bongani and Zinhle announced that they had wed in 2022. They are parents to a one-year-old daughter, Asante.

Zinhle also shares a daughter with AKA; seven-year-old Kairo Forbes.

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In a statement, the Forbes family revealed that AKA would be remembered in a public memorial service on Friday, 17 February, at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The event – open to the public via limited tickets – would take place exactly a week after he was shot and killed in Durban.

AKA, however, would be laid to rest in a private funeral service attended by his nearest and dearest.

Acknowledging Zinhle, the statement made mention of the Mohosana family, whom they referred to as “extended family.”

“Bongani Mohosana will be in absentia at the memorial and funeral due to observing cultural protocol.”


According to many Twitter users, the “cultural protocol” was a multicultural tradition called “makgome” observed during the period of bereavement.

According to the tradition, a man or woman is prohibited from going to the funeral of the person their spouse was once in a relationship with. 

Others explained the significance of abiding by the cultural practise and the dangers of ignoring it…

@B_clive: “Bongani can’t bury AKA because they both share kids with Zinhle. It’s not allowed; he is not even allowed to see the coffin. Basically, he can’t even watch the whole funeral; otherwise, he will go 6 feet under.”

@_Moratoa: “It’s called makgome in Sepedi. It’s more dangerous than most infectious diseases.”

@SolomonKoko3: “He must also spend ten days without touching Zinhle.”

@KeTheCHILD: “In Tsonga culture, you can’t attend the funeral of a person who once had sexual relations with your partner. It can lead to severe sickness, which results in death within a year or 2. So that is why Bongani can’t attend AKA’s funeral.”