Gregg Pettigrew

Here are 5 Things to know about Gregg Pettigrew, the ‘7de Laan’ actor who gunned down his lover

Gregg Pettigrew: 5 Facts about ‘7de Laan’ star who killed his lover

Another ‘7de Laan’ tragedy? Here’s everything you need to know about Gregg Pettigrew, the actor who gunned down his ‘Ben 10’ lover.

Gregg Pettigrew

Here are 5 Things to know about Gregg Pettigrew, the ‘7de Laan’ actor who gunned down his lover

Gregg Pettigrew – the 7de Laan actor who allegedly murdered his male lover – has had social media ablaze with speculation.

The 50-year-old Veteran TV and theatre star reportedly shot and killed his younger 29-year-old boyfriend at his Kempton Park home on Thursday, 13 April.

According to police reports, Pettigrew then attempted to take his own life. He is now recovering.

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In what appears to be a lovers’ quarrel, Gregg Pettigrew shot and killed his yet-to-be-identified “Ben 10” boyfriend.

Police spokesperson Colonel Barbara-Anne Ferreira told News24 that both men were found in bed upon arrival.

She said: “The other male was still in the bed, next to the male, and he had a firearm in his hand.”

Police added that Gregg Pettigrew “appeared drowsy” and was believed to have made a suicide attempt. She added: “We noticed that there were tablets. He drank an overdose of tablets.”

He is now under police guard at a Johannesburg hospital.


Here are five fast facts about the

Did he ever appear on 7de Laan?

On Friday, 14 April, the production team of 7de Laan issued a statement distancing themselves from the actor, now identified as Gregg Pettigrew.

The statement read: “The individual in question is not part of the current cast. It is believed the suspect was an actor who featured on a number of other South African soapies.”

Other notable roles

Gregg Pettigrew is known for his notable roles on kykNET’s Getroud Met Rugby and M-Net’s Legacy.

He has a drag alter ego called Falicity Spitfire

Gregg Pettigrew’s cabaret alter ego is known for his flamboyant personality and theatre shows around South Africa.

Gregg Pettigrew
Gregg’s alter ego Falicity Spitfire. Images via Instagram: @greggpettigrew

He appeared on an episode of Come Dine With Me

In May 2020, Gregg appeared in the hit BBC Lifestyle show Come Dine With Me, which he won.

Affectionate with lover

Gregg Pettigrew often posted pictures of himself with his younger lover. In the pics, the pair embraced lovingly.

The star shared equally affectionate captions like:

“You make being happy so easy!”

“Just what the world needs now… A special evening with my special human.”

“Simply my all.”

Gregg Pettigrew and lover
Gregg Pettigrew and his young lover. Image via Twitter: @pups_hamster