Meet 2Baba baby mama Sumbo, Pero and Annie

Meet 2Baba baby mama Sumbo, Pero and Annie
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2Baba: Messy baby mama drama and wedding to Annie Idibia [photos]

Nigerian singer and ‘Young, Famous & African’ star 2Baba is not only known for his musical talent – but for his cheating ways and fertility too!

Meet 2Baba baby mama Sumbo, Pero and Annie

Meet 2Baba baby mama Sumbo, Pero and Annie
Image via Instagram

Innocent Idibia aka 2Baba may be “happily married” to Annie Idibia – or so they claim on Netflix series Young, Famous & African – but he’s had his fair share of lovers of the years.

In fact, 2Baba’s relationship history is so messy, he may very well have invented the phrase “entanglement”.

That’s because the Nigerian singer was dating and impregnating multiple women at the same time.

Take a look at the father-of-seven’s relationship timeline with the mothers of his children.



Whilst Annie Idibia claimed she met 2Baba first, the star went on to date student Sumbo Ajaba back in 2006, who is the mother of two of his sons; Nino and Zion.

Sumbo – who is now wife to a pastor – spoke at great length about her romance with 2Baba in a 2016 interview with Pulse Nigeria.

She said. “I met 2Baba when I was a student of Yaba College of Technology. I had just lost my dad and my mum was living in America. For someone who was a daddy’s girl, I needed love. This was the only person that was showing me love at that time. I feel I had that experience so that other young girls would not make the same mistake. I was 24 when I fell pregnant the first time [to son Nino in 2006]”.

Surprisingly, Dumbo ditched 2Baba to marry another man whilst she was still pregnant, only for her new husband to discover her son was not his.

She added: “I was asked to go and bring the father of my unborn child so we could be joined together. I brought a different person and we got married at the registry. Everything fell apart when I had a child who looked nothing like him”.

During this time, 2Baba got another woman pregnant and shortly thereafter reconciled with Sumbo.

“It got to a point in my life that I felt that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know, so I went back to my baby daddy. His mum talked me into living with him so he won’t have more women and babies. We lived together for three years and that was how the second pregnancy [with son Zion in 2008] happened”.

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Whilst 2Baba was in a relationship with Sumbo, he began dating make-up artist Pero, who reportedly left her own husband to pursue an affair with him.

In 2006, the couple welcomed the star’s first daughter Ehi.

2Baba and Pero would go on to have two more children during their on/off relationship spanning several years.

After 2Baba was dumped by Sumbo in 2009, he fathered a fourth son called Innocent with Pero in 2012. A year later, his fifth son Justin was born by Pero.


Annie and 2Baba were first linked in 2004, after she starred as the video vixen in his music video for his track African Queen.

Whilst 2Baba was still entangled with Sumbo and Pero, he fathered his first child with Annie in 2008 – a daughter named Isabella. At that time, he already had 4 children with his other baby mamas.

Annie and 2Baba married in 2012 in an intimate ceremony. The couple would have two more weddings in 2013; a traditional one in Nigeria and a white wedding in Dubai for celebrity friends and family members

In 2014, Annie and 2Baba had their second daughter together; Olivia.

In 2022, the couple renewed their vows for their 10th wedding anniversary as seen on Young, Famous & African.