Rachel Kolisi

Rachel Kolisi is in Paris with the kids. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi

Rachel Kolisi journals day two after relocating to Paris [watch]

Rachel Kolisi has relocated to Paris with some of the kids and has been documenting how she and her family have been adjusting in France.

Rachel Kolisi

Rachel Kolisi is in Paris with the kids. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi

Siya Kolisi will be joining the French rugby club, Racing 92 in Paris soon. His wife Rachel has already relocated to France with their two children and has been showing off just some of the things she and the kids have been getting up to since their move on Sunday, 20 August on her popular Instagram page.


In an official statement by the French club which was released earlier this year, it was announced that Siya would be joining Racing 99 just after the world cup.

“Racing 92 is very pleased to announce the signing of Siya Kolisi. He is committed until 2026 and will join Ciel et Blanc at the end of the 2023 Rugby World Cup,” Ruby World quoted the statement as saying.

Rachel and her two kids Nic and Kez have already moved to Paris. Meanwhile, Siya and his two siblings Liyema and Liphelo who have been living with Rachel and Siya for some years are still in Mzansi.

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In the meantime, Rachel and the kids are familiarising themselves with Paris. Rachel shared that she tested her driving skills in the city of love and decided to leave the kids behind while she practised. She also shared that the kids are adjusting quite well and are already making friends.

The springbok WAG said on her second day in Paris, she decided to take the kids out to a park and had to pay an estimated R429 for all of them to enter the park so they didn’t get on any of the rides but still had a good time.

“I had a video meeting while the kids were playing, and I saw a boy and girl trying to chat to Kez and Nic in French but they had no idea what either was saying, yet they still had tons of fun in their game – actually pretty amazing to see. So uncomplicated,” she penned.

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Rachel Kolisi
Rachel Kolisi, Nic and Kez have relocated to France. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi


As Rachel documented her second day in Paris, she hilariously joked about coming out unscratched after her driving lesson in France and shared that she has been finding her way around with the use of maps.

“I drove! And both us and the car came out unscathed! 😂,” she joked. “I had to do a practice run without the kids first. And successfully got us home after the park, with the help of google maps (it should have taken 15 minutes but after about an hour of taking wrong turns, we made it),” she wrote.

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