DJ Sumbody

Slain artist DJ Sumbody, his business partner Kagiso Setsetse (left) and Ralph Stanfield (right). Images via Twitter @fr_comms, @iol

‘Ralph Stanfield said he owned the Hawks’: DJ Sumbody’s associate

Ralph Stanfield, suspected leader of the 28s gang in Cape Town, reportedly told DJ Sumbody’s business partner he doesn’t fear police.

DJ Sumbody

Slain artist DJ Sumbody, his business partner Kagiso Setsetse (left) and Ralph Stanfield (right). Images via Twitter @fr_comms, @iol

The war between DJ Sumbody’s business partner Kagiso Setsetse and alleged 28s gang boss Ralph Stanfield is far from over.

According to Sunday World, Setsetse has opened a case against the suspected Cape Town gang leader and his family. However, Stanfield has reportedly told him that he does not fear anyone, not the Hawks or police, as he “owns” them and will ensure that the case goes away.

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At the core of their battle is Ayepyep Lifestyle Cape Town – which is owned by Setsetse and the slain Suk’Emabhozeni hitmaker, DJ Sumbody.

The amapiano artist – real name Oupa John Sefoka – was gunned down along with one of his bodyguards in a hail of bullets in Woodmead, Johannesburg, while on their way to a gig on 20 November last year – the case is still under investigation.

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According to Setsetse, Stanfield had been threatening them and has not stopped even after his business partner’s brutal murder. Fearing for his life, Setsetse relocated to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in April after Stanfield reportedly told him he would be landing in Johannesburg to do business for two weeks.


On 28 April 2023, Setsetse filed a court order against Stanfield at the Western Cape High Court pertaining to the income that was being channelled into Ayepyep Lifestyle Cape Town.

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The court order is to force Stanfield and his wife, Nicole Johnson, to return all 14 of the club’s speed points as the gang boss’ men were instructed to remove them and replace them with speed points belonging to Johnson’s cousin, Saadiq Peterson, who was receiving all the club’s funds. Johnson is the general manager at the Cape Town establishment.

Setsetse also said that the suspected mafia boss allegedly demanded shares and told him and DJ Sumbody to issue the share certificate to his mother-in-law, Barbara Johnson. When they refused, Stanfield allegedly threatened to close down operation and threatened staff.

In addition, the suspected gang leader allegedly started demanding full ownership of the club and reportedly denied Setsetse access to the CCTV cameras.

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However, Johnson claims Setsetse’s allegations are false, claiming that outside of their working relationship they had a social relationship.

In her application, she alleged that Setsetse and DJ Sumbody had told Stanfield about an extortion threat, allegedly by people with connections to Nafiz Modack and Jerome “Donkie” Booysen.

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Johnson also disputed claims that the nightclub had been running at a loss, saying a revenue of R2.26 million was collected between 10 and 21 April. The court papers reveal that Ayepyep Cape Town had a monthly turnover of about R6 million on average since its inception in 2021.

She further accused Setsetse of blocking her from Ayepyep’s bank account and her work email address to prevent her from obtaining the evidence regarding their communications. Additionally, she said Setsetse was misappropriating company funds and making unauthorised transfers to his personal accounts and those of Ayepyep Pretoria.

Nicole Johnson and her husband Ralph Stanfield. Image via Twitter @ewnupdate


In July 2017, Stanfield sustained multiple injuries during a drive-by shooting but managed to drive himself to a nearby hospital before he collided with other cars.

In 2021, the Daily Maverick reported that Stanfield and Johnson were accused in a criminal case involving allegations that police officers helped create fraudulent competency certificates and firearm licences for suspects who were not entitled to such documentation.