Penny Lebyane explains why she

Penny Lebyane explains why she hasn’t started her Radio 2000 gig

Media personality Penny Lebyane is rumoured to have been fired by Radio 2000, as she has not been on air since joining the station in April.

Penny Lebyane explains why she

Media personality Penny Lebyane has squashed rumours she was fired from her Radio 2000 job before even starting.

The former Kukithi La host told Zimoja that she is still a part of the Radio 2000 family.

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Lebyane was announced as one of the additions on the radio station in March, as she was due to start in April when the new radio year started. However, fans have been worried as she has not been on air. This led to rumours that she was fired.

The TV and radio personality revealed that she was not in a good state of health, hence the delay.

“I am still very much part of the station- don’t believe everything you hear. I could not sign the contract early because I was not feeling well ” said Lebyane.

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A source corroborated Lebyane’s statement, explaining that when she was eventually ready to start, there were a few changes at the SABC.

“Penny is ready to start the show but problem is currently with the SABC. There are people who are supposed to sign but are not available, that is what’s causing the delay,” the source adds.

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Penny Lebyane The Big Secret
Penny Lebyane. Images via Instagram: @pennylebyane


In addition, Mmoni Seapolelo – Acting Group Executive for Corporate Affairs and Marketing at SABC – confirmed that Lebyane has not been fired.

“Radio 2000 management can confirm that Ms Penny Lebyane is still part of Radio 2000, and her show is scheduled accordingly,” Mmoni said.

Radio 2000 announced the former Metro FM presenter as their new Sunday show host called Inspired Sundays between 15:00 and 18:00.

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