Bongile Mantsai. Images via Instagram @bongilemantsai

Bongile Mantsai. Images via Instagram @bongilemantsai

Bongile Mantsai Profile: Bio, career, movies and TV shows

Discover the captivating world of South African actor Bongile Mantsai, known for his diverse roles in “Scandal!” and “Nkululeko.”

Bongile Mantsai. Images via Instagram @bongilemantsai

Bongile Mantsai. Images via Instagram @bongilemantsai

Step into the captivating world of Bongile Mantsai, where each role he embodies is a journey into the depths of human emotion. Whether he’s weaving webs of deception as Mthunzi Mayisa in “Scandal!” or bringing warmth and charm to Poncho in “Nkululeko,” Mantsai’s talent transcends the screen, leaving an indelible mark on South African cinema.

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But behind the scenes lies a mystery waiting to be unravelled. In this revealing exposé, we peel back the layers of Mantsai’s life, exploring the enigma that is this multifaceted actor. From his rise to stardom to the intricacies of his personal relationships, join us as we uncover the secrets of Bongile Mantsai’s captivating journey.


Full NameBongile Mantsai
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth Stellenbosch, Western Cape Province
Age (At the time of publishing) Unknown
Nationality South African
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Sexual orientation Straight
Occupation Actor, Musician and Dancer
Social media accounts Instagram


Bongile Mantsai, an actor, musician, and dancer from South Africa, was born in Stellenbosch, Western Cape Province. Raised in the small township of Kayamand. Mantsai’s father, a pastor, instilled in him a love for music, heavily influenced by the church. As per Zainfo, his early exposure to art came through composing music for the local choir, an activity that nurtured his creative spirit.

For his education, Mantsai attended Kayamandi High School, where he completed his matriculation. Following this, he pursued his passion for drama by enrolling at Stellenbosch University. Initially, he faced difficulties securing a place due to his lack of proficiency in Afrikaans. However, driven by his determination, he eventually overcame this obstacle, fulfilling his dream of studying drama at the university.


Mantsai’s acting career has flourished over the span of 15 years, during which he has collaborated with esteemed figures such as Lara Foot and Brett Bailey. His filmography is rich and varied, featuring notable works like “The Wound” (2017), “Knuckle City” (2019), and “Sew the Winter to My Skin” (2018), alongside memorable television roles in productions like “Inxeba” as Vija, “Scandal!” as Mthunzi Mayisa, and “Nkululeko” as Poncho. Beyond his accomplishments as an actor, Mantsai is a polymath of sorts, displaying prowess in various artistic domains.

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In addition to his acting prowess, Mantsai exhibits remarkable musical talent. Proficiently playing multiple instruments and composing music for theatre productions. According to Briefly, he also serves as the artistic director at Zabalaza, a Baxter Theatre Centre Development Programme dedicated to nurturing emerging talent and fostering innovative theatre productions in the Western Cape. Through his multifaceted contributions to the art. Mantsai embodies the essence of a consummate artist. Enriching the cultural landscape of South Africa with his diverse talents and unwavering commitment to creativity.

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Moreover, Mantsai’s accolades speak volumes about his skill and dedication to his craft. In 2014, he secured an award at the Naledi Theatre Awards for Best Lead Male Actor. The year 2019 saw him clinch the Best Actor award at the Durban International Film Festival. His outstanding performances in 2020 earned him the prestigious Golden Horn awards for his role in the TV soap “Scandal” and as Best Actor in the feature film “Knuckle City” at the SAFTA awards. Furthermore, his stellar work in 2021 earned him a nomination for the Golden Horn Awards for Best TV Soap at the SAFTA awards.


Bongile Mantsai’s portrayal of villainous characters in his acting roles has led many to speculate about his personality off-screen. However, contrary to these assumptions, Mantsai is quite the opposite of his on-screen personas. In reality, he is a devoted family man with a compassionate heart and a fervent love for storytelling. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that he has a daughter, further illustrating his commitment to his family and loved ones.

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Growing up, Mantsai’s family life was deeply intertwined with Christianity. As his father served as a bishop at St. Paul Apostolic Church. This upbringing in a devout Christian household likely shaped Mantsai’s values and worldview.


Bongile Mantsai, a gifted South African actor, has garnered acclaim for his compelling portrayals both on stage and screen. Beyond his performances, Mantsai actively embraces social media, maintaining a lively presence to interact with his fans. With over 21.1K followers on Instagram, he offers a window into his personal life. Sharing candid moments with family, friends, and his travels. Through his posts, Mantsai provides his audience with an intimate glimpse into his life beyond the spotlight. Fostering a deeper connection with his admirers and enriching their experience of following his journey both on and off the stage.