Blac Chyna Sex

Blac Chyna has dropped her bad girl image. Images via Instagram: @blacchyna

‘She held me hostage’: Blac Chyna rubbishes sex trafficking claims

A Tik Toker named Ava Louise claims that Blac Chyna forced her to go into the bathroom with her when she was using it after kidnapping her.

Blac Chyna Sex

Blac Chyna has dropped her bad girl image. Images via Instagram: @blacchyna

Model Blac Chyna – real name Angela White – has rubbished sex trafficking claims levelled against her by Tik Toker Ava Loise.

Ava claims that Blac Chyna invited her to her house where she was subjected to a number of things that left her fearing for her life.

“For six hours, Chyna held me hostage. She drank an entire bottle of Casamigos Infront of me. She wouldn’t let me be alone. Every time she had to use the bathroom she would make me go into the bathroom with her. She took sh** Infront of me. She forced me to take a wet towel and wipe all of my make-up off”.

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The Instagram model also claimed that Blac Chyna was trying to sex traffic her.

She also said that when she arrived at Chyna’s house she was forced to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Seeing all of this, Chyna decided to take legal action and serve the model with a ceast and desist letter.

In the letter that is possession of The Blast,  the firm is demanding that Ava immediately stop publishing false and defamatory statement about Chyna.

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“Ms. White has learned from social media and other sources that you have made, and continue to make, false, extreme, and outrageous statements about her in public. On or about October 20, 2022, you posted on your account three videos on the social media website TikTok, wherein you make numerous false and defamatory statements about Ms. White”

“Among the most outrageous of your defamatory statements was your false claim that ‘Black Chyna held me hostage and I’m pretty sure she was trying to sex traffic me.’ You further stated that ‘I was getting trafficked,’ and that ‘Chyna very intimidatingly said that all the stories you read about me kidnapping people are true’ “.

Black Chyna’s lawyers demand that Ava stop making defamatory statements against their client. Images via Instagram: @blackchyna

“Your false allegations that Ms. White engaged in such heinous criminal conduct is defamatory per se under California law. Demand is herby made that you immediately cease and desist from publishing all false and defamatory statements about Ms. White.

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The mother of two’s lawyers said that they are aware that this is now a pattern of menacing and outrageous conduct by Ava to increase her social media platform.

In fact, you admit in one of your TikTok videos that you intentionally made up and disseminated a false rumour about a sexual relationship between Kanye West and Jeffree Star and that ‘joke kinda gave me such a big platform that I’m able to meet people like Blac Chyna now, because of my following, and who I know now.’

This is clearly another desperate attempt by you to create another false story to drive and increase your social media status. Ms. White will not stand by idly and allow you to defame her in order to further increase your social media platform.”

read the letter

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