Costa Titch

Big Brother Naija star Kiddwaya has been dragged for insinuating late SA rapper Costa Titch had a drug problem.
Images via Twitter:
@kiddwaya/ @costatitchworld

BBN’s Kiddwaya dragged for claiming Costa Titch was on drugs

Presumptuous? Big Brother Naija’s Kiddwaya has been blasted for insinuating SA rapper Costa Titch died of a drug overdose…

Costa Titch

Big Brother Naija star Kiddwaya has been dragged for insinuating late SA rapper Costa Titch had a drug problem.
Images via Twitter:
@kiddwaya/ @costatitchworld

Big Brother Naija star Kiddwaya has courted controversy after insinuating that South African Amapiano hitmaker Costa Titch died of a drug overdose.

The reality TV star – full name Terseer Kiddwaya – shared his thoughts in a video he posted on his Twitter account.

The Amapiano hitmaker – real name Costantinos Tsobanoglou – died after collapsing suddenly on stage over the weekend. The rapper was performing at the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg. He was 28 years old.

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In the clip posted over the weekend, Kiddwaya revealed his shock at Costa Titch’s sudden death. He also called in industry authorities to “protect” artists.

He said: “This is a message to managers, PR, and people behind the scenes. We have to do more to protect artists. We have to do regular blood checks, blood pressure checks, and check if they’re ok mentally and physically.

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“If you feel like something is wrong, cancel the show. You might have some financial losses, but nothing is bigger than a loss of a life”.

The Big Brother star then seemingly insinuated that drugs were involved in Costa Titch’s death.

“A lot of these artists are taking drugs to escape the world and carry the expectations and pressures from everybody.

“They’re taking drugs, and they’re taking them in heavy doses. And when they go on stage with all the excitement and energy, most of the times they have heart attacks”.

Kiddwaya captioned the clip: “COSTA! What happened was extremely sad and avoidable.”

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But just days later, the businessman backtracked on his claims. In an Instagram Live, he said, “I never said Costa Titch was on drugs. I said that we need to do more to protect our artists in the industry”.

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Following Kiddwaya’s controversial claims, many fans of Costa Titch clapped back at the star and his insinuations their music idols died from alleged drug use.

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Here’s what tweeps had to say…

@NanSishange: “It wouldn’t cost a cent for you to wait for more information from family about the cause of death before making all these videos full of assumptions.”

@franksdonald: “Bad timing and insensitive. Let people grieve in peace.”

@iamMoEazy: “People who hung with Costa and knew him personally confirmed he didn’t drink nor smoke bro. This perception is wrong.”

@Seswasi4lifeL: “This guy said absolutely nothing. This was just a show-off.”

Fellow Amapiano artist Busiswa also clapped back, tweeting: “A**hole couldn’t wait one more day to at least pronounce his name correctly before alluding Costa Titch had a drug problem, completely dismissing his ignorance on his medical history.”

She added: “You’re the son of a tycoon. You have no business telling self-made artists how to hustle”.