Natasha Joubert message Ndavi Nokeri

Natasha Joubert. image via Instagram @ndavi.nokerii

Behold the new: Natasha Joubert’s message to Ndavi Nokeri gets Mzansi talking

The new dispensation: Miss South Africa 2023 Natasha Joubert sends a heartfelt message to Ndavi Nokeri on Instagram.

Natasha Joubert message Ndavi Nokeri

Natasha Joubert. image via Instagram @ndavi.nokerii

Miss South Africa 2023 winner Natasha Joubert pens a heartfelt message to Ndavi Nokeri.

Ndavi Nokeri was Miss South Africa 2022, and her reign is one many fans would always remember.

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She worked so hard, and fans loved her so much that some even suggested she must run for another year.

With all that hype on Ndavi’s legacy, Natasha knows she is putting on a legend’s boots.

She knows taking on Ndavi Nokeri’s legacy would mean a lot of hard work to impress fans.

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Sharing on her Instagram, Natasha Joubert acknowledged the work Ndavi had been putting in.

Surprisingly, Ndavi also replied to Natasha with a message congratulating Natasha and wishing her the best.

“Awwww Natash🥹🤍🤍 Thank you so much.❤️Already so proud of the woman that you are and can’t wait to see you blossom in your reign💜🔥”

Natasha Joubert message Ndavi Nokeri
Natasha Joubert. image via Instagram @natasha_joubert


Sharing on her Instagram, the new Miss South Africa acknowledged the woman wearing the crown before her.

An honour, privilege, and so grateful to build on top of a legacy that you’ve worked so hard for,” she said.

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She continued praising Ndavi Nokeri for the woman she was. She said she would be blessed if she could be half the woman Ndavi was.

“@ndavi.nokerii. If I can just be half of the woman you are I will be so blessed. Thank you for the graceful, kind, humble and incredible woman you are!🧡💜” she finished.


After Miss South Africa 2023, Natasha Joubert penned a heartfelt message to Ndavi Nokeri, many fans loved it.

Most praised Natasha for appreciating their queen, Ndavi Nokeri, for the woman she was.

“Such kind words for our Queen @ndavi.nokerii . Real recognises real. I’m so proud of Ndavi. How she carries herself.”

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“The way she’s wearing the best final walk gown and you’re wearing one of the best crowning gowns is so”

“You have created a new generation of new hope @natasha_joubert. We are so proud and honored to call you our new queen. It’s the start of a new generation and we cannot be more excited. So proud and so happy. This country deserves you as the queen and us as the youth are such an inspiration. ♥️”

“Ndavi also really beautiful 🔥 oh Natsha 🔥 you too👏”.