Bryoni Govender official shoot

Bryoni Govender. image via Instagram

Beauty with the brains: Bryoni Govender’s academic qualifications revealed

Beauty with the brains – Miss Universe South Africa Bryoni Natalie Govender’s academic qualifications revealed.

Bryoni Govender official shoot

Bryoni Govender. image via Instagram

Miss Universe South Africa Bryoni Govender’s academic qualifications are revealed.

Bryoni Govender saw herself becoming Miss South Africa’s 1st runner-up.

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She had been sensational throughout the journey with her close friend Natasha Joubert who was the winner.

Many fans, however, believed that these beautiful ladies were not so educated.

Surprisingly, this is not the case with Bryoni Govender; she is a learned beauty with much experience.

Bryoni Govender academic qualifications
Bryoni Govender. image via Instagram


In her private life, Bryoni Govender is a qualified attorney with much experience.

Bryoni studied at Ashton International College from 2010 until 2014, when she finished.

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She attended the University of Johannesburg, where she had her LLB qualification.

After the University of Johannesburg, she went on to take her certificate and license at Practical Legal Training (PLT).

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After school, she worked as a tutor at the University of Johannesburg and as a Legal Advisor at Client Secondment.

According to her LinkedIn, she is currently a candidate attorney at Eversheds Sutherland in Melrose Arch Johannesburg.

This is Bryoni Govendors academic qualifications and work experience.


It was a surprising journey for Bryoni Govender as she was the 1st runner-up at Miss South Africa.

Bryoni shared a room with the winner Natasha Joubert, and they had a lot of fun.

Their videos of playing and having fun in their room had been trending after their win.

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“The commitment and dedication is there !! This is what we get up to in our free time as roomies 🤣😂✨”

Fans loved it so much, congratulating her for the milestone she had reached as a model.

“Our winner and runner up! THESE ARE THE QUEENS I SIGNED UP FOR!🔥❤️😂”

“Watching this again now… I wish you guys did the chest bump on stage with your couture gowns… I mean @gertjohancoetzee may not have been impressed… But it would have been iconic! “

“The girlssssss 🔥🔥🔥 This is what it should be about, being happy and comfortable in your own skin – the best Miss SA ever ❤️”