Where is Charl Timotheus now? Find out here. Image via Twitter @ReydeC0raz0nes

Where is the former ‘Backstage’ actor Ziggy now? [photos]

Where is the seasoned actor Charl Timotheus who is popularly known for playing Ziggy in ‘Backstage’? Find out here…


Where is Charl Timotheus now? Find out here. Image via Twitter @ReydeC0raz0nes

Actor-turned-producer Charl Timotheus is one of South Africa’s iconic actors from the early 2000s – he became famous after starring in Backstage as Ziggy. Where is Charl Timotheus now?


South African actor Charl Timotheus starred alongside several iconic actors in Backstage including, Pam Andrews, Lorcia Cooper, Bonnie Mbuli, and more. The youth-target soap opera premiered on eTV in 2000, TVSA reported.

The Botton Line Production soap opera revolved around the lives of college students who attended Vulindlela College – a school of the performing arts located in downtown Johannesburg. Unfortunately, after seven years on screen, the show got canned. It was reportedly alleged that the primetime show was no longer competing well in comparison with its biggest competitors including 7de Laan and iSidingo.

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Charl Timotheus played Ziggy on ‘Backstage’. Image via Instagram @charltimotheus


When Charl Timotheus was 32, he was not happy with how he had let his body go and decided to transform his life by heading to the gym.

“I started training in 1998. I’ve competed as a powerlifter at a provincial and international level,” he said. He shared that he used everything that he had learned back then to help him with his fitness journey.

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The 41-year-old got married to a beautiful woman known as Nietzsche. She graduated from Wits in 2019. The duo got engaged during their getaway in Lesotho in the same year.

Although South Africans may not see much of Timotheus in front of the camera, he has however remained active in the film industry and works on various projects as an executive producer, onscreen writer, director, and producer.

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