Zizi kodwa The Department of arts and culture has defended super sports fan Mama Joy. Images via X: @chauke_joy

Mama Joy is once again trending. Images via X: @chauke_joy

Arts Department slams negative reactions to towards Mama Joy

‘Mama Joy has become the face of the Braai Army in France,’ read the statement which also added that she is raising a voice for women.

Zizi kodwa The Department of arts and culture has defended super sports fan Mama Joy. Images via X: @chauke_joy

Mama Joy is once again trending. Images via X: @chauke_joy

Earlier this week, South Africans all across the country got their knickers into a twist after a social media user revealed that local super sports fanatic Mama Joy — real name Joy Chauke — was getting paid to support the country’s various national sports teams. While some thought that it was an unfair burden on the backs of taxpayers, others found it a worthwhile expense.

Addressing the backlash, the Department of Arts, Culture and Sports shared a statement which basically explained why Mama Joy and fellow sports fanatic Botha Msila are an important part of SA’s efforts to present a united front.

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Arts Dept defends SA superfan Mama Joy

“It’s concerning that when the world recognises their presence, thus celebrating the contribution of South African supporters at the World Cup, two of South Africa’s superfans are receiving criticism and insults from within the country,” reads part of the statement shared by the department earlier today.

The statement also went on to say that Mama Joy and Botha Msila contribute to how the world sees South Africa. According to the department, the pair also play a role in “addressing legacies of the colonial rule and apartheid policies.”

Mama Joy expensive lifestyle
Many have questioned the fact that Mama Joy is a paid for superman. image via Instagram @mamajoy_chauke

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Take a look at the rest of the statement which was shared by season sportscaster Robert Marawa here:

This message comes shortly after one social media user went viral after tweeting:

“I was today years old when I found out that these two are paid by the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture to go and be supporters in the stands. I’m not joking, they are paid by taxpayers to go to sporting events across the world to ‘represent’ South Africa.”

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Mzansi weighs in

This sparked instant outrage among other app users who don’t think that it is fair for taxpayers to be footing the bill for Mama Joy’s trips around the world as a sports fan.

Others have however shared that it is money well spent — especially considering the corruption levels of South Africa and how much money is lost to immoral politicians.

“Well, well, Mama Joy’s haters are just trying to get some of that global spotlight she’s basking in. Jealous much? You know, if there was an Olympic medal for missing the point entirely, I’m pretty sure some folks would be gold medalists by now,” one person wrote.

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