Edwin Sodi Sinqobile Tusani

Influencer Sinqobile Tusani. Images from Instagram@sinqobile.tusani

Another one! Edwin Sodi allegedly dating Sinqobile Tusani

Influencer Sinqobile Tusani is allegedly dating multi-millionaire Edwin Sodi after reportedly dumping her boyfriend of seven years.

Edwin Sodi Sinqobile Tusani

Influencer Sinqobile Tusani. Images from Instagram@sinqobile.tusani

Controversial businessman Edwin Sodi is topping trends after news of his alleged relationship with a famous influencer and makeup artist made rounds on social media.

No doubt this is not the first time the celebrated multi-millionaire made headlines for the wrong reasons.

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Taking it to Twitter, Musa Khawula revealed that Sodi is in an alleged affair with Sinqobile Tusani. In the wake of the daring tweets, the two are topping trends as South Africans try to connect the dots on their alleged affair.

However, in the backdrop of their alleged affair, the two are yet to address the daring rumours that have since thrust them into top trends.

Musa Khawula revealed that Sinqobile Tusani allegedly called it quits with her boyfriend of seven years to settle with Edwin Sodi. Against the rumours, Tusani has deleted all her pictures with her boyfriend across all social media platforms.

Against the backdrop of the tweets, South Africans flooded Musa Khawula’s comments section with their two cents.

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Despite being shocked, many were more than convinced that the two might be in a relationship, given Sodi’s previous relationships with IT girls.

On the other hand, some were unbothered and even took a swipe at Musa Khawula for being a relationship and home wrecker because of his unfounded allegations.

As controversial as he is, Musa Khawula has revealed several relationships that have often shocked many.

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Khawula once revealed AKA’s relationship with Nakai before it became public knowledge. He also revealed Zinhle’s affair with Murdah Bongz before the two even confirmed their relationship to the public.

Over the years, Edwin Sodi has often made headlines with his alleged famous hit list of IT girls. The list includes a host of South African A-listers and bubbly influencers.