Award-winning singer Makhadzi. Image via Instagram @makhadzi

Another Debt?- Makhadzi sued by company that reduced her R6M debt

Makhadzi is being sued by a tax consultancy firm for allegedly failing to pay their success fee for reducing her tax bill by 60%.


Award-winning singer Makhadzi. Image via Instagram @makhadzi

Award-winning singer Makhadzi, loved by fans around the globe for her hit tracks, recently found herself facing a staggering R6.6 million tax bill from the South African Revenue Services (SARS). However, she turned the tide with the help of a tax consultancy firm, STT Group Holding, who successfully challenged the astronomical figures and reduced the bill by a whopping 60%.

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Sunday World reports that while the outcome appears positive, a dispute has emerged between Makhadzi and STT. The company claims that despite their agreement, Makhadzi has failed to pay their R400,000 compromise success fee, which amounted to 10% of the reduced debt.


According to court documents filed by STT Group Holding, they entered a verbal agreement with Makhadzi, real name Ndivhudzannyi Decorate Ralivhona, in August 2023. They successfully negotiated a “compromise” agreement with SARS, enabling Makhadzi to settle the debt for a significantly reduced amount of R2.75 million.

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The court documents further state that Makhadzi agreed to pay STT a success fee of over R385,000, but only partially fulfilled her obligation. Despite partial payments of R100,000 and R50,000, the outstanding balance remains at R293,013.


STT insists they have made repeated attempts to collect the remaining payment from Makhadzi, including sending a formal letter of demand. Unfortunately, their efforts have been met with silence.

With no other option available, STT Group Holding has filed papers in the Joburg High Court seeking a judgement against Makhadzi for the unpaid amount. Despite attempts from Sunday World to reach Makhadzi for comment, she has not responded to calls or text messages.

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This ongoing dispute casts a shadow over Makhadzi’s recent financial victory, raising questions about the future of her debt settlement. It remains to be seen how the court will rule and whether Makhadzi will ultimately fulfil her obligations to STT.

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