Who’s Emily Kark again? Nicky’

Lee-Ann Liebenberg and her husband Nicky Van Der Walt. Image via Instagram @nickyvanderwalt.

Who’s Emily Kark again? Nicky’s 12th anniversary tribute to Lee-Ann

From an alleged cheating scandal earlier this year to #CoupleGoals, Nicky van der Walt posted some magazine covers of his ‘ride or die’ model wife Lee-Ann Liebenberg in celebration of their 12 years together.

Who’s Emily Kark again? Nicky’

Lee-Ann Liebenberg and her husband Nicky Van Der Walt. Image via Instagram @nickyvanderwalt.

In celebration of their 12th anniversary, businessman and restaurant owner Nicky van der Walt posted his model wife Lee-Ann Liebenberg’s hottest magazine covers to Instagram on 29 September. 

The pair seem to be showing off #CoupleGoals again, just a few months after an alleged cheating scandal rocked their love boat in July this year.


Taking to Instagram, the Tang owner posted five of Lee-Ann Liebenberg’s magazine covers, ranging from Cosmopolitan to Sports Illustrated South Africa. The businessman said that it has been 12 years since the pair started dating and the model is the woman of his dreams.

Liebenberg and Van der Walt celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in March this year. The couple have three children together.

“Happy 12-year anniversary my love. We started dating 12 years ago and I ended up marrying the woman of my dreams. Thank you for being the mother of my children, my soulmate, best friend and supporting me through everything,” wrote Van der Walt on Instagram.

“I love you madly and I pinch myself every day that I married you. To the next 50 years, I want to grow very old with you. My ride or die…Always @leeann_liebenberg,” he continued.


However, Lee-Ann Liebenberg did not share any social media posts for her anniversary this year…

In July this year, the model took to Instagram in an angry rant telling a woman named “Emily Kark” she could have her husband. 

“I have not been hacked… Emily_Kark you can have him,” wrote Liebenberg on Instagram.

Screenshot from Lee Ann Liebenberg’s Instagram. Image via Twitter @raessarazak.

She then went on to say that she and the businessman were getting a divorce. However, Nicky quickly swooped in to clarify that the pair will not be getting a divorce and explained that Lee-Ann was suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to their son Jagger.

“In response to my wife’s post. I love her and my children dearly and with all my heart. We are not getting a divorce. Lee is suffering from deep PPD (postpartum depression) and all I can do is try be there for her for the best of my family whom I love and respect with my whole being,” wrote Nicky Van Der Walt on Instagram.

Screenshot from Nicky Van Der Walt Instagram. Image via Twitter @mvelaseP.

Emily Kark did not take Lee-Ann’s claims lightly and got her lawyers involved. The model then had to apologise and retract her statement after receiving a letter of demand. 

Dubai therapy?

The couple seem to be over this now as they have been spotted together at the opening of Nicky’s restaurant Tang in Sandton, Gauteng. She also took to Instagram to promote the restaurant.

The couple also seems to be on vacation in Dubai at the moment…