Anele Mdoda

Anele Mdoda is looking more gorgeous by the day. Image via Instagram @zintathu

‘I’m alive’: Anele Mdoda on her health scare

‘Now I’m sick sick sick’: Radio and TV personality Anele Mdoda gave her fans a health update after falling ill.

Anele Mdoda

Anele Mdoda is looking more gorgeous by the day. Image via Instagram @zintathu

Radio personality Anele Mdoda’s fans were worried when she took some time off social media after announcing she was feeling under the weather.


The 947 radio host wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Hay fever gets worse as you get older neh? This is madness now. I’m about to nebulise cause it refuses to rain.”

In another post she wrote: “And ndibambi xa ndine flu (I am not pretty when I have flu).”

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Giving her fans an update, she said her hay fever has worsened. She, however, told them that she does not have Covid-19 as she initially assumed.

“I’m alive guys. Barely. My hay fever became full-blown fever and now I’m sick sick sick. Runny noses, coughs, the lot. It felt like covid a little but my body is not sore,” she wrote.

Her comments section was filled with messages of love from her fans who wished her a speedy recovery.


The Masked Singer SA producer also opened up to her followers about her body oudor battle.

In posts on X, she revealed that she has a stubborn armpit.

“Heyi. I seem to have a stubborn armpit, the one on the left. Ayiva Mitchum nothing vha!!! We have a crisis on our hands because wow the volume bhabhaaaa,” she wrote.

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Before she knew it, her fans were dishing out tips and advice which mostly included usining bicarbonate of soda.

“Bicarbonate of soda mixed with water until it’s a paste, apply and let it dry. Try this for 3-5 days,” said a fan.

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Others suggested using other brands of deodorant, while others recommend botox.

The media personality later thanked her fans for all the advice and also gave an update.

“Y’all know a lot about armpits. I am in awe and thank you.

“Okay my armpits are good again. So maybe I didn’t put on my roll on well cause I’m back to smelling like a cupcake,” she said.