AKA had plans to write a book after the release of Mass Country.
Image via Instagram

‘(In)famous’: Five things to know about AKA’s memoir plans

Apart from ‘Mass Country’, AKA had plans to have a book written about his life story. Here are the details…


AKA had plans to write a book after the release of Mass Country.
Image via Instagram

On the eve of Mass Country being released, fans of AKA – Kiernan Forbes – learned of another project he hoped to work on: a book about his life.

According to author Khaya Dlanga, the rapper had plans to share his rise to fame story in a memoir.

But sadly, the rapper died before the plan could materialise.

AKA was shot and killed by unknown gunmen in Durban earlier this month. He was laid to rest last weekend.

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In a Twitter thread, Khaya Dlanga shared news of the book plans. Here are a few of the details.

When was the idea born?

According to Khaya, AKA approached him on 11 February 2022 – almost a year to the day before his death – about plans to write a book.

What is it about?

Khaya claims that AKA wanted the book to be about “coloured identity, being a hip-hip cross-over artist” and how he was “accepted by black, white and coloured communities in SA.”

The book would also feature AKA’s privileged background going to a private school, St Johns College in Gauteng.

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Who was going to write it?

AKA wanted Khaya Dlanga to write a book about his life. Although he was initially hesitant, he admitted to being intrigued and later interested.

The plan was for Khaya to record AKA talking, and later transcribe the best parts.

Khaya revealed this would begin after April 2023, when he had finished his own book.

What is the title?


The title was the brainchild of AKA, who explained the reasoning behind it, according to Khaya: “‘In’ would be in brackets. As in ‘inside fame’, because I live in fame and everything I do is in it.

Is it still going ahead?

At the end of his Twitter thread, Khaya Dlanga posted: “I really thought there was time, but time does not belong to us”, hinting that the book may never come to pass.

However, fans of AKA have insited that the talented author go ahead with the book, with consultations from the rappers family instead.

Khaya has yet to respond to the widespread call.