Kelly Khumalo asine senso meyiwa

Kelly Khumalo’s outfits are under fire. image via Instagram @kellykhumaloza

After 3 kids? Kelly Khumalo’s body gets Mzansi talking [video]

The body is bodying – South African actress Kelly Khumalo’s body left fans calling out to God, saying he was being unfair.

Kelly Khumalo asine senso meyiwa

Kelly Khumalo’s outfits are under fire. image via Instagram @kellykhumaloza

South African musician Kelly Khumalo left fans in shock with her body.

Kelly popped up in a nice outfit that revealed her body to her show, and her body surprised many fans.

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Usually, women struggle to maintain their bodies in good shape soon after giving birth, but that’s not for Kelly.

Her body looked so perfect that some fans thought God was unfair to them.

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One fan specifically spoke of how much they felt intimidated by her body and expressed it.

“Life so unfair, that body nefigure 😢😢 I need a new stomach now i messed up mine 😅😅😅”


Even though Kelly only thanked her fans and stakeholders who made her show successful, fans noticed what they noticed.

“Wena wazalwa u fit yeh those thighs are well proportional with that snatch waist. Engathi kwakunetiye nje mhla kubunjwa bantu”

“Body 😍😍after 3 kids it’s still🔥🔥❤️love you loads Kelly”

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“@kellykhumaloza didn’t you just have a baby yesterday …so kuza kanjan ubeMuhle kanje nkosyam😍🔥🔥”

“Imama eliHOT kanje? Kelly just gave birth but no evidence. Rhaaaaaa ndibheja ngawe Nja yam. Uyadelela fok maan❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥”

“But sis, did you have to have such a banging body though! 🔥🔥🔥”


Despite many fans noticing Kelly’s body, her sister Zandie Khumalo saw the strength she has.

Kelly Khumalo was recently criticised as many fans called for her shows to be cancelled.

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This is the hate Zandie saw as fuel to her success.

Sharing on her Instagram, Zandi Khumalo praised her sister saying: “If I had my way I would take it all away but how else would u get to be this strong and amazing……u cant get to be this amazing on love only, a bit of hate here and there is needed. U went out there last night and conquered where some would have crumbled. I’m proud of u ❤️”