Wiseman Mncube Vryheid mansion

Wiseman Mncube. Images via Instagram @wiseman_mncube

A look into Wiseman Mncube’s impressive R3.1 million Vryheid mansion [Pictures]

Taking inspiration from his father, In 2022, Wiseman Mncube built an impressive mansion in Vryheid and here are the pictures.

Wiseman Mncube Vryheid mansion

Wiseman Mncube. Images via Instagram @wiseman_mncube

Wiseman Mncube had a busy year in 2022, completing one of his goals of building an impressive mansion in Vryheid.

Indeed, Wiseman had been making strides on and off the screen, and he doesn’t seem to stop soon. The 33-year-old actor had been making headlines in 2022 thanks to his heroic perfomances as Sbonelo on Uzalo.

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To show for his rise in the industry, Wiseman has won several awards, including the Best Actor Award in the TV Drama category at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) in 2020. This massive success career-wise made Wiseman Mncube quite a lot of money, and they decision to build a mansion in Vryheid.

A few actors can build such a mansion at only 33, but he has proved to be an extreme man. Wiseman Mncube is indeed a man on a mission, and this Vryheid mansion is nothing but only a start to a great future.

According to Savanna News, Wisemna’s mansion is valued at R3.1 million


The talented actor started by sharing his mansion when it was unfinished. Then he shared his inspiration to build such a massive house, which is all from his father. He said his father always reminded him that as long as he stayed in his place, he shall remain Wiseman and not Mncube.

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A few months later, Wiseman Mncube shared beautiful pictures with the Ivolovolo hitmaker Big Zulu in Vryheid. He spoke of his close friendship with Big Zulu and how they should support each other.

He had visited Big Zulu at his house in the past, and it was Big Zulu returning the favour. Sitting at the Vryheid mansion veranda, Wiseman Mncube and Big Zulu discussed issues to brighten the future even more.

They marked their nice BMW cars at the front of the house; it was everything fans wanted to see.