Zozi Tunzi birthday legs

Zozi Tunzi. image via Instagram @zozitunzi

‘Talking of legs’: Birthday girl Zozi Tunzi’s long legs left Mzansi talking [pictures]

Miss Universe 2019 Zozi Tunzi left fans with many things to say after she started the talk of her long legs celebrating her birthday.

Zozi Tunzi birthday legs

Zozi Tunzi. image via Instagram @zozitunzi

South African model Zozi Tunzi celebrated her birthday, but her long legs got fans talking.

Zozi remains one of the finest models ever to come out of Africa, and she is living big out of it.

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She celebrated her birthday in Greece, showing how much she is living expensively.

The Miss Universe 2017 celebrated her 30th birthday on 18 September, but celebrations continue.

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Wishing herself a happy birthday, Zozi spoke of the long life she wants to live.

She also spoke of her long legs, and fans were triggered into talking a lot, with some saying she is part of the ‘3rd-floor gang’.

“To long legs! To long life!🥂🍾🤎”


Zozi Tunzi is a pretty tall lady, and her height remains one of her tools for modelling.

Zozi loves her long legs and would cherish every chance to celebrate them.

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After she started the talk of her long legs on Instagram, many fans spoke of them.

Most praised her beauty, while some only wished her a happy birthday, she continued to celebrate.


The birthday pictures Zozi Tunzi shared about her long legs left fans with a lot to say.

“Am here for dem legs! ILonglife yona it’s God’s issue, me just appreciates dem 🦵🏾🦵🏾”

“The Universe honestly belongs to you 😮‍💨 😍 singabako, finish us 🔥”

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“Arg Zozi…….You are living your BEST LIFE and I am here for it ALL!!!!!!!!!!🤞🏽😮‍💨🙌🏾👏🏾😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍”

“Cheers To the 3rd Floor Gang!!!!🥰🥂😊”

“Oh mntanabantu, I wish you miiiiine You’re vibrant, you’re nice, you are well structured ❤️❤️❤️”

“Haibo Zozi if this is the attitude you’re giving us cause you’re 30?!?! i want you to stay 30 FOREVER😭😭”