battery park v&a waterfront


Cape Town boasts new Battery Park situated at V&A Waterfront entranceway [photos]

A picturesque urban park that was built to reconnect the two worlds of one city.

battery park v&a waterfront


Architecture firm, dhk, has unveiled the all-new and complete Battery Park that is situated at the entranceway of the V&A Waterfront. The 12 000 square-meter urban park was developed with the purpose of connecting the central bowl district (CBD) and De Waterkant to the most popular tourist destination in Africa.

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The concept behind the development of Battery Park

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While the park is a marvel of architectural design, it also serves to address the growing issue of parking in the city, with a 1 206-parking bay facility that should help ease traffic and allow for motorists to access the city a lot easier.

For dhk, the project was a huge one as it addressed the complexities of the area’s history. That is why, according to Pierre Swanepoel — dhk’s director –paying homage to the old historic landmark while integrating the design of a new, publicly accessible park, was of critical importance.

‘The intention was to facilitate a new hub of activity within the V&A district whilst being respectful to the heritage of the Amsterdam Battery, once a place of exclusion and incarceration, but now a public space designed to support and engage the greater Cape Town community,” Swanepoel stated.

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A guide to Cape Town’s new Battery Park

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What is included in Battery Park?

Level one

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The urban park is divided into two levels. The piazza is situated on the first level, where the public can access 11 retail units. This level is closely attached to the V&A’s Canal District.

You will often find people either walking along the pathways towards the waterfront or kayaking.

Level two

Up the long flight of stairs is where you will find most of the recreational activities.

There is a basketball court that is accessible to the public for general use.

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as well as a skate park right next to it. The area also has a soccer field that will surely be of great use to those who are Fives football enthusiasts.

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Is Battery Park accessible to the public?

This area is the perfect spot for those who enjoy the greater outdoors of this majestic city. The purpose of this urban park is to create more recreational activity in the area.

So, yes, all Capetonians, from all walks of the greater Cape Town are welcome to enjoy the facilities at the park.