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SA entrepreneur rocks business world with an app connecting investors and start-ups

Carl Visagie has revolutionised the way business and investors interact with his KnektMe app


Image credit: Pixabay

There aren’t many 22-year-olds who can completely change the business landscape with an app they’ve designed. Then again, most 22-year-olds aren’t Carl Visagie…

The young Capetonian may have just give his fellow entrepreneurs an opportunity that no other generation has ever had, and it’s all thanks to KnektMe.

The app will scan for other KnektMe users nearby, using a device’s Bluetooth connection. The proximity-based technology is unique to KnektMe and gives users the edge when networking.

Will this the app change how SA does business?

Business owners can scan for investors, allowing them quick and easy access to pitch their ideas in ways they could only previously dream about. The feature is designed to give start-ups a better chance of succeeding.

Visagie acknowledged that networking is the most important thing to the business world, and he says KnektMe is a way to streamline that process:

“The world’s most valuable commodity is networking. Having the right people supporting you is a key factor in whether your business makes it big or falls flat.”

“KnektMe is not just another social networking site or directory of names, it allows you to interact with real people around you, wherever you are, and in real-time.”

How does the KnektMe app work?

  • Download the app, and once installed, you can easily navigate your way through creating a profile.
  • Using the search function, you can find other users and their CVs, skills, job title and other easy-to-view information.
  • Entrepreneurs are able to isolate the individuals they would like to connect with, cutting out fruitless ‘getting to know each other’ conversations and maximising both time and opportunities.
  • The app is best used in places with a high volume of people – convention centres, business institutions, restaurants, airports etc.
  • KnektMe is quite versatile, too – it can be used by emergency service crews to locate individuals in large corwd or buildings.

Carl is a well travelled lad, having spent time in Namibia, Ireland, the USA and Great Britain. His jet-setting has fuelled his appetite for the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and he’s made the perfect start to his career.

KnektMe is available as a free download on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android devices