Cameron Lombard

Cameron Lombard is calling for the world to put on their dancing shoes for Ukraine. Image: Supplied

Step up for peace: SA dance pro Cameron Lombard dances for Ukraine

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star Cameron Lombard collaborated with dancers from Cape Town to show their support for Ukraine. Take a look.

Cameron Lombard

Cameron Lombard is calling for the world to put on their dancing shoes for Ukraine. Image: Supplied

Local dance professional Cameron Lombard, who made his debut on Strictly Come Dancing as the show’s youngest pro dancer, has released a dance video in support of the people of Ukraine.

This follows the Russian invasion of the country, which since 24 February this year, has left thousands dead and millions of Ukrainians displaced and without homes.

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Lombard, who is the reigning South African Latin Champion, is calling on the world to put on their dancing shoes and dance for peace. 

The 21-year-old collaborated with his musician friends DJ Tom, Shak and NkosiKop for his dance video and also partnered with artists from diverse communities in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. 

He leads the dance video with a group from Siqalo, the largest coloured township in Cape Town. Lombard opens the video with a heartfelt tribute to the people of Ukraine. 

“I came to South Africa for my 26-year-old sister Courtney’s wedding when the war broke out in Ukraine. I was horrified by the invasion. This peace video is in support of my Ukrainian brothers in dance and all of the brave and resilient people of Ukraine,” said the talented dancer. 



Lombard is also the youth ambassador for Climate Actions Now –  a climate and peace solution-focused advocacy and movement which is creating and linking virtual and physical Climate Action Centres of Excellence in South Africa, Uganda, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Its mission is to help and promote solutions to the threat of climate change. The star dancer’s video is also part of his personal mission around climate change. 

“The war in Ukraine could turn nuclear at any moment and that will be the most immediate climate apocalypse we have all dreaded happening…the only power I have is the universal truth and music, so it is my duty to share what I have to help the cause of peace, love and sharing,” explained Lombard.  

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In November 2021, Lombard took his climate change campaign to the gates of Buckingham Palace in London. He created widespread publicity for the fight against climate change when he danced outside the palace.

The star dancer decided to use the medium of dance to drive home the British royal family’s pleas for immediate action on climate change and inspire younger generations to become more socially responsible and compassionate to the plight of our planet.