Buying biltong online in the U

Buying biltong online in the UK just got really easy

Online shopping has never been easier… or tastier.

Buying biltong online in the U

Online shopping for clothes and food has become common practice amongst most UK-dwellers. It’s convenient, safe and efficient, saving the consumer both time and energy. But when did ordering biltong online become so straightforward?

The answer is now.

Berkshire Biltong has set up a consumer-friendly website that allows biltong lovers in the UK to purchase their favourite South African snack online.

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The layout makes the selection of the meat really easy, and the variety of products extends beyond just biltong, offering meat lovers an easy, one-stop online shop to satiate all their carnivorous cravings.

Amongst the products available online is a selection of droewors, energy pouches which combine UK biltong and droewors with berries, fruits and nuts, and grazing packs – the ideal snack pack to share with friends and family.

What makes Berkshire Biltong special?

Only prime, organic, grass-fed beef is used. It is hung for 21 days to ensure tenderness and flavour, which is enhanced by the unique blend of herbs and spices Berkshire Biltong uses.

Meat is always carefully selected and then dried for longer than normal using traditional methods.

There are no artificial ingredients added to any of their products, which is why Berkshire Biltong is made to order and won’t be found in shops and is only available from their online store.

Consumers who have tried Berkshire Biltong’s online service have been impressed with the level of service and their Facebook page is full of reviews from very satisfied meat eaters across the UK.

“Ordered a pack of the Berkshire black and a pack of apache chilli. The Berkshire black was delicious, very tender and tasty, just like the original biltong you get in South Africa. I’d definitely recommend the apache chilli. The flavours were incredible with a lovely kick. Finished both packs in 2 days and ordering more immediately!” – Joe on Facebook

How to order

To get in on the action and to save yourself the hassle of trying to locate delicious and healthy biltong and droewors in UK supermarkets, check out Berkshire Biltong’s website.

Berkshire Biltong will deliver your order within eight to ten days.