‘Brewed with Love’ ad shows me

‘Brewed with Love’ ad shows men cradling their beer bellies like pregnant women [photos]

A German beer company decided to use regular beer consumers to represent in their new ad campaign. The results are hilarious… or a little weird. You decide.

‘Brewed with Love’ ad shows me

Instead of using typical male models, a German beer company decided to change things up a bit. So, the company used male models who truly represent instead.

According to Boredpanda, Bergedorfer Bier, in collaboration with German advertising firm Jung von Matt, decided to feature male models who they believed were more representative to the regular beer consumer.

In the ad you can see the models cradling their beloved beer bellies while looking like pregnant moms-to-be, which given the ad’s slogan, ‘Brewed with Love’, seems very fitting.


Because what does a man love more than beer?

German Beer Ad 1

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

German Beer Ad 2