Unisa’s vice chancellor Professor Puleng LenkaBula. Image via Twitter @TimesLIVE

Unisa VC’s lifestyle: R1.9 million car, R285k curtains, R600k floor

Unisa reportedly paid R285 000 for vice-chancellor Prof Puleng Lenkabula’s curtains, R8 000 vacuum cleaner training, R600 000 flooring etc.


Unisa’s vice chancellor Professor Puleng LenkaBula. Image via Twitter @TimesLIVE

TimesLIVE reports that Unisa’s vice-chancellor Prof Puleng Lenkabula’s is being investigated for her luxurious lifestyle after the institution reportedly splashed out more than R285 000 on sheer curtains for her official residence, R8000 for training on how to use a vacuum cleaner and she bought a Mercedes Benz, which costs nearly R2 million, while IOL reports she spent R600 000 for flooring. 

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According to the publication, an independent assessor, Prof Themba Mosia was appointed by higher education minister Blade Nzimande to investigate Unisa, and he’s especially interested in the vice-chancellor Prof Puleng Lenkabula’s R285 228 sheer curtains. 

Mosia visited Cloghereen residence to look at the renovations, the new furniture and appliances that were bought for Lenkabula, who hasn’t moved into her residence since her appointment in 2021.

“The university paid R285,228 for the procurement of curtains. I was surprised to find sheer curtains,” said Mosia in his 300 page report. 


  • Sheer Curtains: R285 228
  • Vacuum Cleaner Training: R8000
  • Painting items: R220 685
  • Mercedes Benz GLE 400d:  R1.9 million on a budget R1.2 million budget

“She asserts that her only input was that she preferred a 4X4 vehicle as she is also visiting the regions. I was informed that all previous VCs used the Mercedes-Benz E class and were also visiting regions,” added Mosia. 

IOL also reports that the VC splurged more than R3 million on her residence’s upgrade, while only R1 million upgrade was approved.


  • Air conditioning: R74 000
  • Borehole: R49 000
  • Glass Gas Hob: R19 000
  • Mattress Protector: R3000

Mosia’s also reported that Lenkabula demanded an extra staff component of nine people for her office, including a chef, the head of social media, and several assistants. The new bloated team would approximately cost the university R14 million.

The institution revealed in a statement to IOL: “Unisa wishes to appeal to the media and the public to be patient with the process currently under way. Unisa will not be responding to media inquiries yet.”

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@Mtamerri: “There’s an agenda against Unisa and it’s VC, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative articles recently… I wonder what’s really going on.”

@masesifire: “I’m a UniSA student since 2019, this woman has simplified my life, from having to compulsorily take 48 or 60 credits ( 2 or 3 modules) a year to a whole 10 modules. I see the finish line sooner now.”

@u_bhekani: “Just like how they did with Prof. Phakeng from UCT.”

@_bantuzulu: “I hear you but you cannot make this up, 8k for training on how to use a vacuum.”

@southy_citizen: “Weird how there’s always an “agenda” against corrupt people that are looting state institutions into the ground.”

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Image via Twitter @TimesLIVE