drinking / alcohol abuse

These teens can be seen drinking alcohol at school. Images via Facebook: @Ta Gersh

Shocking clip shows teens smoking dagga, drinking at school [watch]

Teen alcoholism in SA: A shocking clip shows Stellenbosch learners drinking beer and smoking weed during their lunch break. Have a look…

drinking / alcohol abuse

These teens can be seen drinking alcohol at school. Images via Facebook: @Ta Gersh

Social media users have been left stunned by a clip that shows high school learners drinking beer and smoking marijuana at school. The video is said to have been taken at a Stellenbosch secondary school and shows the learners in their full school uniform laughing and joking about what they are busy doing.

The clip – which has since gone viral – highlights just how far South Africans are from curbing their level of alcohol dependency. It also puts the spotlight on how far astray the country’s youth have gone when it comes to alcohol dependancy.

Teens drinking and smoking dagga on school property

In 2011, South African adults (aged 15 years and older) consumed 9.5  litres of absolute alcohol each year. This number puts the country at No 10 on the list of countries that consume the most alcohol.

Now, 11 years later, and that shocking statistic has not changed. In fact, it has risen…as more and more people have started consuming alcohol at a younger age. The Sowetan reports that in 2021, we moved up the list of heavy drinkers to a shocking No 6 position.

In a video clip shared on Facebook by Ta Gersh on 16 February, a teen — dressed in a full school uniform — can be seen pouring some beer into a glass while laughing with the person who is filming her.

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The young pupil is surrounded by other learners, one of which can be seen rolling a dagga joint. The person recording the clip, says in Afrikaans:

“We have beers, we have cigarettes and we have dagga, we have everything.”

Instant outrage

The clip has been shared thousands of times as South Africans discuss this alarming issue — not only that of alcoholism, but the fact that it seems as if school children are increasingly moving in a dangerous and reckless direction.

Commenting on the clip, one concerned Facebooker, Allistair Daniels, wrote:

“This country needs leadership. Men need to rise. Our youth follows the norms that we set.”

The consequences

With South African adults’ drinking habits reportedly on the increase, it isn’t much of a shocker that the country’s teens are following suit.

According to recent research conducted by Aware.org, 50% of teenagers in South Africa drink alcohol.

As reported in Cape Town ETC, a number of studies conducted by the organisation, found that someone who starts drinking under the age of 18, is four times more likely to develop alcohol dependency than someone who starts consuming alcohol at the age of 20.

The fact that high school learners who look no older than 16 are drinking alcohol already, is a reminder of how far the country still needs to go to put a stop to its growing alcohol dependency.

Visit the SADD website; contact the toll-free SANCA substance abuse hotline on 0800 121314 or SMS 32312 if alcohol is having a negative impact on your life or that of someone close to you.

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