‘Pulled the wool over your eye

‘Pulled the wool over your eyes’: Takealot denies selling live sheep

Takealot has confirmed that the listing showing live sheep being sold on its website was just a joke by a TikToker.

‘Pulled the wool over your eye

Mzansi’s biggest online retailer Takealot reveals that an alleged listing that shows live sheep being sold on its website was just a joke by a TikToker @katfisshhh.

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The South African TikToker @katfisshhh, who shared an alleged video showing a listing for live sheep on Takealot, admitted that the screenshot was not real and just a joke, according to My Broadband.

The retailer also told the publication: “As South Africa’s leading online retailer, we don’t like to share sheepish responses, but we think the seller might have pulled the wool over your eyes. We can confirm that the livestock item was, in fact, a truly South African joke, and was made up by the creator katfisshhh.”

Animal welfare organisations such as the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) have also taken issues with selling live animals online in South Africa.

The publication adds that the NSPCA previously cautioned the public against buying pets online and at pet shops because by doing, people may be contributing to an industry where animals are made to suffer.

“We remind the public that a pet is usually a lifelong commitment and should not be bought on impulse.”

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@katfisshh A whole gusha #onlineshopping #greenscreen #southafrica #comedy #viral ♬ original sound – Katfisshh

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Briefly, South Africans found the listing hilarious and had countless jokes when @katfisshh shared the alleged livestock video on”Takealot”.

The TikToker also revealed that sheep weighed 45 to 50 kg and were sold for R3 950.

Brown_eyed_girl: “December is coming mntase, lol how do you pay? Via payfkex.”

Why_214: “I looked, but I couldn’t find this on Takealot.”

Aunty Waffles: “This is actually very smart lol. Wedding/imgidi/Christmas season is coming soon.”

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