That’s ruff! South Africa is h

Image: Canva

That’s ruff! South Africa is home to the ‘world’s naughtiest dogs’

A new study uncovered where the naughtiest and best-behaved dogs can be found by analysing hashtags on Instagram.

That’s ruff! South Africa is h

Image: Canva

Whether dogs behave badly or brilliantly, we love to share snaps of the highs and lows of pet-parenting on social media. And South Africa is no different. In fact, South Africa is home to the naughtiest pups in the world, with an 87.85% naughtiness rating.

The Naughtiest and Best-Behaved Dog Breeds

According to a new study by Protect My Paws, every dog has a unique character. But some breeds share distinct traits. Science has shown how DNA may shape around 15% of a dog breed’s personality: the Labrador is most likely to get anxious when you stop working from home; the Border Collie and the poodle are among the diverse breeds categorisable as “eager learners.”

That made them wonder whether any of these breeds of good boys are – you know – gooder than the others.

The group proceeded to count the posts on Instagram that mentioned a breed along with a popular behaviour hashtag (#gooddog, #cleverdog, #cleverpuppy, #baddog, #naughtypuppy, #cheekydog, #muddydog). And then balanced the positive hashtags against the naughty ones and looked at where they were geotagged.

South Africa is home to the world’s naughtiest dogs

They found that South Africa is home to the world’s naughtiest dogs – with an 87.85% “naughtiness rating”.

“Just take Mia and Albertus, for example,” the group writes. “Not only did these furniture-chomping bulldogs make a meal of mama’s rattan, but they had the audacity to play dead when caught.”

Key findings

Slovakia (85.42%) is the second naughtiest country for dogs, followed by Singapore (85.11%), Australia (80.55%), and the UK (80.54%). Meanwhile, there is a distinct ‘best boy bloc’ of Ukraine (3.28%), Russia (5.92%), and Belarus (8.70%).

They also found that the best-behaved dog breed on Instagram is the Korean Jindo Dog, with 75.86% positive behaviour tags. On the other hand, Instagram’s naughtiest dog breed is the Japanese Spitz, with 86.67% of Spitz behaviour posts reporting bad behaviour.

Ukraine is the land of good boys, with a 96.72% good behaviour report, while Moscow, Russia, is the city with the best boys (98.41% positive).

Canberra, Australia, is the city with the naughtiest dogs (99.74% negative).

Image: Protect My Paws