multichoice, dstv

Multichoice has recorded a drop in DStv subscriptions.
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Multichoice loses billions: Why SA viewers are dumping DSTV

If you’ve cancelled your DStv subscription, you’re not alone. Here are five reasons South Africans dumped the Multichoice company.

multichoice, dstv

Multichoice has recorded a drop in DStv subscriptions.
Image via renateko/Pixabay

For various reasons – including the steep price of living – many South Africans are choosing to cancel their DStv subscriptions. And the results speak for themselves after the entertainment’s owners – Multichoice Group – documented a whopping loss of almost R3 billion in profit.

The data was published in their annual report, which ended on March 203.

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According to the report, DStv operator Multichoice noted a R2.92 billion loss for the year.

According to My Broadband, MultiChoice reported a 23% drop in trading profit from R11 billion to R8.4 billion for its South African viewers.

Local revenue also dropped by 2% from R35.6 billion to just under R35 billion. Multichoice also noted a significant loss in DStv premium package subscribers.

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Justifying the loss, it said in its report: “The South African consumer-facing business environment faced severe challenges during FY23 [the financial year 2023]

“At a time when consumers were already battling with interest rate hikes, elevated inflation, and high levels of unemployment, load-shedding moved from being intermittent to becoming a permanent fixture in customers’ lives.”

“Permanent high stages of load shedding, interest rate hikes, and elevated inflation levels have left a large portion of the group’s customer base unable to watch or afford video entertainment services.”


News of a drastic reduction in DStv subscribers was nothing surprising for social media users, many of whom confessed to cutting ties with the broadcaster.

Here are a few reasons why South Africans dumped DStv for good

Premiums are too high

The cheapest DStv package – Access is R129 per month for 72 channels – while the full bouquet of Premium is the most expensive at R879 per month for 152 channels. This does not include the price of additional decoders or insurance.

Cannot choose their own channels

Many former DStv subscribers complained that the packages on offer were not tailored to their individual viewing needs.

Too many repeats and not enough diversity

Repeats of old content and a lack of in-demand shows were also another gripe.

Too many advertisements

As compared to streaming platforms, viewers were annoyed by the multiple ad breaks between viewing.

Comparisons to steaming services

Compared to cheaper streaming platforms like Netflix and Showmax or even YouTube Premium, South Africans found that DStv was lacking.