Mosha elephant

Mosha became the first elephant in history to receive a prosthetic leg. Image via Twitter @deb12857

Mosha becomes the first elephant with a prosthetic leg [watch]

After losing a part of her leg at just seven months old, Mosha became the first elephant to ever receive a prosthetic leg.

Mosha elephant

Mosha became the first elephant in history to receive a prosthetic leg. Image via Twitter @deb12857

After having lost a limb to a landmine on the Thai-Myanmar border in 2007, Mosha became the world’s first elephant to have received a prosthetic leg.


According to Elephant Parade, Mosha lost part of her front left leg at only seven months old while walking in the jungle with her mother. She was reportedly immediately taken to the world’s first elephant hospital, the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE), where her life was saved and her wound was treated. FAE Hospital was said to have since treated several injuries similar to Mosha’s over the years as 16 of Thailand’s 77 provinces are reportedly still affected by landmines.

According to News24, Mosha had to manage her way around for about two years before receiving her prosthetic leg which was said to have been designed by Thai orthopaedic surgeon Therdchai Jivacate. During the two years, she reportedly managed by balancing on structures to support herself and by raising her trunk to support herself but it was getting too much for her to handle and taking a toll on her spine.

“The way she walked was unbalanced and her spine was going to bend. She would have died,” Jivacate was quoted as saying.

Mosha elephant
Mosha the elephant lost her leg at seven months old. Image via Twitter @vishkanyaaaa

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While discussing the plan to solve Mosha’s problem, there were a few things that were reportedly taken into account including that she was just at the start of her young life and Asian elephants can live well beyond 40 years in the wild, an Australian vet and wildlife conservationist, Dr Chloe Buiting said.

“The team at the FAE decided to design and build a prosthetic leg to support Mosha throughout her life, with the first version of this leg weighing 15 kilograms and being made from a combination of plastic, sawdust, and metal,” Buiting added.

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