One Chip Challenge

Harris Wolobah died after partaking in the viral One Chip Challenge. Image via Twitter @DanielMbiya7/ @MichaelLotusCRC

Teenage boy dies after partaking in the viral ‘One Chip Challenge’

A 14-year-old teenage boy, Harris Wolobah was pronounced dead hours after partaking in the viral One Chip Challenge.

One Chip Challenge

Harris Wolobah died after partaking in the viral One Chip Challenge. Image via Twitter @DanielMbiya7/ @MichaelLotusCRC

Harris Wolobah, a 14-year-old teenage boy from Massachusetts was pronounced dead on Friday, 1 September after partaking in the popular social media One Chip Challenge, Us Today, reported.


According to the publication, after consuming the Paqui brand chip on Friday, Harris Wolobah was rushed to the nearest hospital. This is reported to have taken place after the first responders found him unresponsive and not breathing at a home in West Worcester. Sean Murtha, a Worcester Police Lieutenant is said to have revealed that a medical examiner is still investigating the cause of death.

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The viral social media One Chip Challenge involves a daring contestant to consume one of the spiciest tortilla chips in the world like the Paqui one that the boy ate. After consuming the chip, contestants wait as long as they possibly can before they eat or drink anything for their relief.

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One Chip Challenge
A teenage boy after partaking in the One Chip Challenge. Image via Twitter @MichaelLotusCRC


Harris Wolobah’s mother, Lois Wolobah, strongly believes her son died from complications after doing the One Chip Challenge, however, the results of the autopsy have not been released NBC 10 Boston reported. Lois shared that she was called to her son’s school by a nurse and immediately rushed over. Harris seemed to have been getting better and so she took him back home with her. However later that day, he passed out and was rushed to the emergency room where he finally took his last breath.

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“When I went there, he was lying down. And I said, ‘What was the chip he ate? And this is what they showed me”, Lois said as she showed a photo of the Paqui brand One Chip Challenge package on her cellphone. “I pray to God that as a parent, no parent will go through what I’m going through. Nobody is hurting the way that I’m hurting. I miss my son so much,” Lois added.

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