Love Is Blind season two cast update

Love Is Blind season two cast update
Image via Netflix

‘Love Is Blind 2’: Couples that are still together + surprising new hook-ups!

Shocking splits and surprising new hook-ups – Here is everything we know about the ‘Love Is Blind’ season two cast’s relationship statues.

Love Is Blind season two cast update

Love Is Blind season two cast update
Image via Netflix

Like any reality TV dating show, what you see on your screen can play out differently, when the cameras stop rolling. And we expected no less from Love Is Blind, season two

Following the bombshell finale and reunion episode, we were surprised – and sad – to see many couples part ways at the altar. We were equally flabbergasted to see others say “I do” too.

This after courting and even proposing “blindly” to each other, only to meet their fiance’s in a grand reveal.

But what has happened since filming of the Netflix series has wrapped up? Here is what we know about the status of relationships for these Love Is Blind season two couples


One couple we did not expect to go through with marriage was Danielle and Nick. Their engagement was fraught with many arguments, miscommunications and insecurities

But the couple are still together – and happily in love. Sharing an update on her Instagram, Danielle revealed that the couple are fast approaching their one year wedding anniversary.

She captioned a montage of pics: “So excited to finally be able to share MY HUSBAND with the world! Very excited to show our true relationship and love story. Our similarities allow us to have so much fun, and our differences help us continuously grow as individuals and a couple”.

Another couple we’re happy to report are still together is Iyana and Jarrett. The season’s favourite duo not only look good together, but compliment each other so well.

Iyana shared in an Instagram update: “I took a huge leap of faith off of a cliff in this experiment but with you I can fly. I love you more than the world could imagine. I look forward to our now and FINALLY public lives together. My baby, my love, my man, my protector, my partner, my other half. I love you”.


Meanwhile, Love Is Blind S2 couples that gave their romance another brief go following their nuptials include Natalie and Shane and Mallory and Salvador.

Mal and Sal closed the chapter on their romance after revealing that they were not right for each other during the reunion episode. Neither have given any updates on their relationship since that episode aired.

And sadly, Natalie and Shane ended the episode in tears after they claimed to have parted ways for a second time. This, after low-key dating after the show wrapped up.

On Instagram, both Natalie and Shane posted soppy posts about their sad love stories. But by the looks of it, neither are crying now.


And in news no-one saw coming, rumours are rife that Love Is Blind singles have played mix and match by coupling up with other partners.

At the reunion, a little birdie told Shake, Deepti’s ex-partner, that she was now dating Kylie, who was dumped by Shaina.

“I should have chosen Deeps,” Kyle said in bombshell statement on the show.

“Kyle and I, we are figuring it out”, Deepti reportedly told People magazine of her new romance.

According to Shake’s Instagram updates, he is “happy” that his ex has moved on.

According to social media detectives, Natalie and Sal are teasing a hot romance after leaving flirty comments on each other’s posts.

And just in case you were wondering, Shane and Shaina did not hook up after filming. Shane made that perfectly clear with an Instagram update that read: “To put some other rumors to rest, Shaina and I are cordial and have hung out in group gatherings with the cast (with Natalie), but we have never had nor will ever have a romantic relationship. I wish her all the best”.

However Shaina and Shake may be a thing, as wild as it seems. In an Instagram post, the much-loathed cast member flirted up a storm with the blonde bombshell, who may very well be his type.

A love is blurry match made in reality TV heaven?

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