‘Lottery winner’: SA reacts to

‘Lottery winner’: SA reacts to man cooking pap, chicken with booze

Watch a TikTok video of a South African man, who stunned Mzansi when he cooked chicken and pap with booze.

‘Lottery winner’: SA reacts to

South Africans were surprised when a man from TikTok shared a video of himself cooking his pap and chicken with booze instead of water.

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The video of the TikToker @kiddmahobele, who cooked his pap and chicken with alcohol went viral on social media after @Mlu_N2 shared the video on Twitter on Thursday, 10 August.

Social media users are convinced the South African man with the handle @kiddmahobele on TikTok is an alcoholic as he is seen cooking chicken and pap with booze and drinking alcohol at the end of the video.

While others predict he recently won the lottery as he is wasting alcohol, which is extremely expensive. The video received nearly 1 million views on the platform.

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@Gajigo_C: “I know when @vnmstr wins the lotto he won’t tell me, but there will be signs.”

@sthedoingthings: “I said sies inside my mind soon as I saw the alcohol being poured in.”

@PJena101: “So he literally eats and drinks Heineken. Must have shares at that rate, the profits must come back.”

@Paledian: “Money is in bad hands.”

@foreversisanda: “When Heineken has given you your bonus.”

@VuyoTranscends: “Actually man is a genius. Beer for the Pap is garbage, but works for chicken or even red meat, however I personally I wouldn’t use Heineken I’d use Craft Beer’s like Pale Ale, or Jack Black’s Brewer’s lager.”

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