Petrol Attendant Mpho Mawaisa.

Petrol attendant Mpho Mawaisa. Image via Twitter @MDNNews

Petrol attendant reportedly got killed because of ‘loadshedding’

Petrol attendant Mpho Maiwase allegedly died from inhaling exhaust fumes from the generator, which he likely switched on during loadshedding.

Petrol Attendant Mpho Mawaisa.

Petrol attendant Mpho Mawaisa. Image via Twitter @MDNNews

28-year-old petrol attendant Mpho Maiwase reportedly lost his life while on night duty at a petrol station because of loadshedding.

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Daily Sun reported on Thursday, 11 May that Mpho Maiwase died from inhaling the exhaust fumes from the generator, which he may have switched on during loadshedding. His body was discovered in a storeroom by fellow employees.

It is suspected that he had switched on the generator during a loadshedding episode, inadvertently exposing himself to the harmful gases.

“The incident serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers associated with loadshedding and the importance of taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of individuals working in critical roles such as petrol attendants,” reported Mzansi Leaks.

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Eskom has reportedly confirmed that a new national standards document proposes providing loadshedding schedules up to Stage 16.

BusinessTech reported on Thursday, 11 May that the power utility Eskom says that the new regulations for load shedding are proposing room for 16 stages of loadshedding.

While Tech Central revealed on Monday, 8 May that electricity minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa said he can’t preclude the possibility of South Africa being plunged into even worse load shedding this winter.

“This could mean up to stage-8 rolling blackouts, with no electricity for up to 13 hours a day”, added the publication..

 The National Rationalised Specifications (NRS) Association of South Africa is finalising the guidelines to ensure that should load shedding beyond Stage 8 become necessary, it is done in an orderly fashion.

Eskom told MyBroadband: “The NRS 048-9 Revision 2 describes load-shedding stages up to Stage 8 and obligates all network operators (distributors and municipalities) to develop, publish and implement these schedules when instructed to do so by the System Operator.”

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