Limpopo man and lion

Limpopo man Johannes Gopane narrates how he chased a lion from his village. Image via Twitter @Shonny_SA

Limpopo man secured contract for ‘haa, hoo’ lion song – Report

Limpopo man Johannes Gopane has reportedly secured a contract with amapiano music producer for his viral ‘haa, hoo’ lion song.

Limpopo man and lion

Limpopo man Johannes Gopane narrates how he chased a lion from his village. Image via Twitter @Shonny_SA

South African man, Johannes Gopane, who went viral in March for his viral “haa, hoo” lion interview with the SABC has reportedly secured a contract.

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BGF Magazine reported on Facebook that the Limpopo man known as Johannes Gopane secured a contract for his vocal contribution to the viral “haa, hoo lion” video.

“Johannes Gopane from Ga Mashashane, a man who claimed he escaped from the lion’s nails after being swept away and surrendered to Ga Mashashane land, has made a protest after his words were printed,” kere haa ere hoo”. And yesterday he went on with amapiano music producer named Killorbeezbeats who has over 500k fans across the country.”

“He continues to be given a contract so he can get the reward for his vocal producing music, “kere haa ere hoo”, said the publication.

This comes after fans of the popular Limpopo man revealed on Facebook that they were disappointed when the music producer didn’t reach out to the 70-year-old lion survivor.

Vivian Leshego Soafo : “At least something good came out of it …phela go bolela le tau a se papadi (talking to a lion is not child’s play)”.

The Evolution Of Joseph Moraba: “That’s awesome! Congratulations!”

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The popular Limpopo man Johannes Gopane from Marumofase village shared in an interview with Thobela FM that he hasn’t received a cent for the “haa, hoo” lion song, following his viral interview with the SABC.

He added in the interview that he’s not expecting 100% profit from the music producer but some share because his voice made the song popular.

“They should’ve approached me first and asked for my permission to use my face on the shirts and my voice on the song. For example, if the music producer received R3000 from the song, I should’ve gotten R1000 something.”

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Johannes Gopane with Amapiano music producer Killorbeezbeats. Image via Facebook @BGF Magazine