KFC sphathlo TikTok

KFC chicken kota. The KFC sphathlo is making waves on social media. Image via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

KFC rubbishes Romeo Malepe’s claims of stealing his kota idea

‘Kota is a famous South African dish’: KFC denies Romeo Malepe’s accusations of stealing his chicken kota idea.

KFC sphathlo TikTok

KFC chicken kota. The KFC sphathlo is making waves on social media. Image via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

KFC South Africa has denied allegations of stealing celebrity sangoma and promoter Romeo Malepe aka Mkhulu Romeo’s chicken kota idea. 

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The Citizen reports that Romeo Malepa unearthed his 2021 Facebook post and showed off the presentation that he had put together for KFC after the popular fast-food restaurant introduced Kentucky Sphatlho to its limited edition of the Kentucky Town Pitori menu.

Malepa said on Tuesday, 16 May that the idea belonged to him and Sharpville Food Festival and he pitched the idea to KFC’s brand manager in Bryanston back in 2019.

The fast-food chain told the publication: “While we love South Africa’s passion for KFC, we can confirm that this product was not as a result of a concept presented to us by Romeo. For more than 50 years, KFC has been inspired by the South African heritage and culture and has regularly brought innovations like the Streetwise Chow, Masala Crunch, and Mrs Ball’s Chutney burger to our menu.

“It is no secret that the Sphatlho is a well-known South African meal and the limited edition Sphatlho is a result of an extensive product development process – aimed to be a KFC take on this South African classic.”

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The promoter and creative director Romeo Malepa told Sunday World on Tuesday, 16 May that KFC allegedly stole his kota idea and renamed it Kentucky Sphatlo.

He added that he was supposed to meet with the company’s “big boss” after meeting with the KFC brand manager in 2019 but it never happened. 

“In the presentation, we had designed sneakers as well as other items we had pitched that should be sold during activations,

“I posted on Facebook after seeing that the meeting is not happening. It trended, and then it got to KFC. They sent me a letter and told me to delete the posts otherwise, they would sue me. I deleted them. “

“I was shocked that they were suing me then, but now they are advertising our idea … I feel like this is unnecessary. We could have just collaborated.

“What they are doing is not okay at all. They should have called and said you remember that kota presentation? Can we collaborate? What is so difficult about that?” he said.

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