Twins Carla (left) and Christiaan Botes (right) obtained 24 distinctions between them. Image via Twitter @JacaNews

Double the smarts! Matric twins obtain total of 24 distinctions [listen]

Twin power: Carla and Christiaan Botes from Johannesburg bagged a whopping 24 distinctions between the two of them.


Twins Carla (left) and Christiaan Botes (right) obtained 24 distinctions between them. Image via Twitter @JacaNews

The Independent Examinations Board (IEB) released the matric results for independent schools on Wednesday 19 January. The IEB class of 2021 achieved a 98.39% pass rate overall. 

Twins Carla and Christiaan Botes from Helpmekaar College in Johannesburg obtained 24 distinctions between the two of them. They achieved distinctions for all their subjects. 

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Christiaan Botes bagged 14 distinctions in total. He flew high in Accounting, English and Business Studies amongst others. Christiaan shared that he was still in disbelief after receiving the results but was happy overall. 

He told Jacaranda FM that he got used to studying on his own while he was in Grade 11. 

“Through all of COVID-19, the emphasis was being able to study on your own, which I got quite good at.”

“To me, it was not that different to manage under the online learning situation.”

Christiaan is headed to Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape to study Mechatronic Engineering. 

“Mechatronic Engineering is a synergistic combination of prescription mechanical engineering, electronics and computer systems,” notes Stellenbosch University

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Christiaan’s twin, Carla obtained 10 distinctions with achievements in English and Information Technology (IT) amongst others.

Carla says she is proud of her distinctions highlighting that it took a lot of hard work that didn’t come naturally. 

“I was hoping for it, but I didn’t expect it,” shared Carla.

She is headed to Isa Carstens Academy in Pretoria to study Somatology, a branch of anthropology that focuses on the comparative study of human evolution, variation and classification. 


In an interview with SABC News, Christiaan shared that the twins never studied together because they have different study methods. He mentioned that they study for approximately eight hours. 

“It’s long hours where you come home from exams and it’s immediately studying for the next day because the schedules don’t really allow for off days with all the subjects.” 

Carla shared that there is no sibling rivalry between the two of them but there is a rivalry between Christiaan and their older sister. 

Their older sister who is a third-year university student in Pretoria obtained 11 distinctions during her matric year.