snake, cape cobra, heatwave

Snake catchers have been finding snakes indoors amid the heatwave.
Images via TikTok: Boland Snake Removals

Yikes! Heatwaves sees cobras, mambas seek refuge indoors [watch]

Snake catchers have warned that the heatwave has forced many venomous snakes like mambas and Cape Cobras to cool down in people’s homes.

snake, cape cobra, heatwave

Snake catchers have been finding snakes indoors amid the heatwave.
Images via TikTok: Boland Snake Removals

Snake catchers around South Africa have warned that November, and particularly the heatwave, is a “busy time” for the creatures. They’ve also warned the public to be vigilant for venomous serpents like mambas puff adders and Cape Cobras, which have been frequently spotted recently.

In videos posted on social media, many of the snakes have been spotted indoors in residential areas.


According to KwaZulu-Natal snake catcher Nick Evans, the rising temperatures have increased the presence of snakes around the province. This has led to many seeking a cool retreat – in the homes of humans!

He shared in a Facebook post: “Yes, there is a heat wave. Yes, snakes are on the move as a result. November, and the rest of summer, is always a busy time for snakes”.

Adding to that is the fact that green mambas – popular amongst the coastline – lay their eggs on the ground during this period.

In recent days, Nick has caught countless mambas and Mozambique spitting cobras in several residential areas. This includes under beds and coaches and on top of wardrobes. Many were also found trying to cool off on tiled floors.

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The Snake Season TV star urged residents to contact professionals rather than approaching or killing the animals.

“Please try not to panic (I do understand that is easier said than done)”


Cape Town snake catcher Tyrone Ping has also gone viral for his TikTok videos of him catching numerous Cape Cobras, many of which were in residential areas.


He’s also caught plenty of puff adders – including one “sunbathing” on Table Mountain.

“Watch where you put your feet,” he warned hikers and nature lovers.

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When asked what to do when spotting a snake, he responded: “Just move away as fast as possible.”

Another TikTok page belonging to snake catchers Boland Snake Removers also posted several videos of Cape Cobras and puff adders being removed from properties around the area amid the heatwave.

At one point, one of the catchers revealed that he had already caught four Cape Copras and a puff adder he had caught in mere hours.

If you happen to find a snake on your property, the snake catcher urges the public to keep an eye on its location to make removing it more accessible and safer.

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