famous blue couch

This famous blue couch is on tour in Gauteng! Image via Twitter: @LeatherGallery

Sofa so good: SA’s famous looted blue couch now an Instagram star

Looting legend: The ‘travelling’ San Pablo blue couch is back in the showroom putting its legs up as it begins a new life as an Instagram photo prop.

famous blue couch

This famous blue couch is on tour in Gauteng! Image via Twitter: @LeatherGallery

The legendary blue San Pablo leather corner sofa that made headlines during July’s unrest and looting spree in South Africa, is only Instagram-worthy now…

The story of the famous looted blue couch

According to IOL, the San Pablo, which retails for almost R70 000, was looted from the Springfield store and after an extensive social media “manhunt”, was found and restored.

At the time, the couch brought some lighter moments to what was a very serious situation in South Africa. Even Marc Lottering shared a new “Colleen the Cashier” skit based on the looted blue couch.

But, due to damages imposed, the couch cannot be sold. This after Leather Gallery tried their best to restore the damaged couch, patched up most of the tears in the leather and mended the broken legs and framework, but the couch could not be put back onto the market.


“The San Pablo is not on the market as it has been through such extensive damage,” Leather Gallery co-owner Greg Parry said. “We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of our products and so, we cannot sell something that is not at its full quality and up to our standards.

“The San Pablo has found its home at our newest Durban showroom at our new flagship warehouse in Riverhorse Valley.”

Greg said that when the Leather Gallery received the San Pablo back at its warehouse, a full assessment of all the damage was done in order to determine the next course of action.

May be an image of sofa and text that says 'Visit Leather Gallery San Pablo Leather Sectional 5 (1) R67,999.00 ZAR* Brand: Leather Gallery The unique, modern design of the San Pablo Corner Sofa is the ultimate blend of comfort and style, with elegantly sloped armrests and supportive...'
Image: Leather Gallery

An enormous amount of interest

“Over the next few days, we did as much as we could to repair the damage that had been caused to the San Pablo during the looting. There was more damage to the San Pablo than we thought as we had only seen pictures of the top of the sofa. But there was quite a bit of damage to the legs and framework underneath.”

He said the store had received an enormous amount of interest since the San Pablo has been displayed on its new showroom’s floor.

“Our customers have loved seeing the famous blue sofa in person, and have enjoyed sitting on it to get the perfect Instagram photo.”