Woolworths, chicken

A Cape Town Woolworths shopper purchased a 24-portion pack of chicken for just eight cents.
Image via TikTok: @keenanolivier021

Counting your chicks? Woolworths shopper pays 8c for 4 chickens!

A lucky Woolworths shopper filmed his experience of paying 8 cents on a mislabelled 24-portion pack of chicken…

Woolworths, chicken

A Cape Town Woolworths shopper purchased a 24-portion pack of chicken for just eight cents.
Image via TikTok: @keenanolivier021

Just a few days after one Woolworths shopper found a live rat in a pack of free-range chicken, another documented how they paid just eight cents for a 24-bulk piece portion, the equivalent of four whole chicks…

In a TikTok video that has gone viral, the customer how he got away with the store’s labelling error… 

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In the clip, the TikTok user – named Keenan Olivier – shows off a pack of 24 pieces of chicken, which cost just 8 cents!

Documenting his experience at the Tyger Valley Woolworths over the weekend, Olivier walks over to the till, where he produces a 20-cent coin.

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Declining a request for a shopping bag, he is heard casually responding to the surprised cashier. “That’s the price, and I’m paying for it,” he can be heard saying.

He adds: “I’m in a hurry.”

After a back and forth with the cashier, who then disappeared for 15 minutes to speak to her supervisor, the man was given the chicken for free! His till slip, however, reveals a transaction of him paying 20 cents for an eight cents pack of chicken. Olivier was given his 20 cents back.

After leaving the store, Olivier says into the camer: “I just want to remind you guys. The customer is always right” .

He added: “That pack of chicken was over R200. They messed up.”

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Speaking exclusively to The South African, Oliver defended his actions.

“The cashier told me that it had never happened before. The supervisor said there was nothing they could do. So they gave it to me for free.

He added: “I’m not stealing.”

Woolworths, chicken
A 24-portion pack of chicken cost just 8 cents for a Cape Town Woolworths shopper. Image via Tiktok: @keenanolivier021

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Olivier, who previously worked in pest control, claimed he was unfazed by the viral video of a rat found in a pack of chicken at the Woolworths Gardens Shopping Centre.

“I know what goes on behind the scenes. Lots of things happen that customers don’t see.

“I’m not concerned.”

A rat was discovered in the frozen food section of a Woolworths store at he Gardens Shopping Centre in Cape Town. Image via Twitter: @KabiahSeonaid

Earlier this month, Woolworths apologised after a clip of the incident went viral. The store claimed it closed to under a forensic “deep clean.” 

It also emphasised that they would do everything they could to ensure it did not happen again.