Domestic Worker

A photo of a Domestic worker. Image via Twitter @acowan25

Domestic worker refuses R2 million pension fund, pushes for UIF

Local domestic worker Thandi Shabangu allegedly has a pension fund worth R2 million waiting for her, but she refuses that it belongs to her.

Domestic Worker

A photo of a Domestic worker. Image via Twitter @acowan25

A 61-year-old domestic worker from Bellevue in Gauteng, South Africa, Thandi Shabangu, is allegedly refusing to accept an R2 million pension fund payout from the Department of Labour that claims that it comes from her working as a teacher for several years at the KwaZulu Natal Department of Education, Zimoja reported.


According to the publication, Thandi Shabangu dropped out of school in grade eight and has worked as a domestic worker and cleaner for most of her adulthood.

“The officials at the department told me that I had an unclaimed R2 million from the Department of Education that I needed to claim. I told them I have never qualified as a teacher and that I didn’t know anything about the pension, but they tried to convince me to claim. I declined,” she was quoted as saying.

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She reportedly shared that her former employer submitted all the necessary documents for her to access her UIF benefits. However, the department is allegedly dragging its feet.

“I don’t understand why they are not giving me my benefits and why they are trying to force me to take the money that does not belong to me. I have never committed a crime. I am not about to do it as a pensioner,” she was quoted as saying.

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Domestic Worker
A photo of a domestic worker. Image via Twitter @fashionizercoutureuniforms


In another story, Sibongile Mani, a student from Walter Sisulu University (WSU), was found guilty of stealing R14 million from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in 2017.

At the time of her court case, she argued that she did not deserve harsh punishment because she had not deliberately gone out of her way to get the money. Instead, the money was accidentally sent to her account.

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She also argued that she had tried to return the money and reported it to officials who had no idea what she should do with it. Mani ended up spending more than R800 000 of the funds on lavish trips, expensive fashion, and more.

She was sentenced to five years imprisonment after the East London Regional Court Magistrate, Twanette Olivier, found her guilty of theft.

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