Curvy teacher

Elementary teacher Roxsana Diaz. Images via Instagram @toyboxdollz

Curvy teacher slammed for wearing ‘inappropriate’ outfits at school

A curvy art teacher Roxsana Diaz from New Jersey is being trolled by parents and social media users for posting tight clothing.

Curvy teacher

Elementary teacher Roxsana Diaz. Images via Instagram @toyboxdollz

A curvy 39-year-old New Jersey teacher Roxsana Diaz is being criticised by parents and social media users for her tight-fitting ‘booty pics’ that she shares on her Instagram account.

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The art teacher Roxsana Diaz from New Jersey came under fire for her voluptuous curves as parents and social media users accused her of being a distraction to her learners.  

The Pennsauken elementary school, who is quite popular on Instagram with over 900k followers regularly shares photos of herself in class or engaging in other fun activities outside school.   

Some parents from her school have gone as far as demanding for her to be dismissed while others said she should just wear more appropriate clothes that hide her curves.   

According to, under both New Jersey and federal labor law, it would be illegal for a school to fire a teacher based on their physical appearance, which is perhaps why there’s been no action taken against the supposed complaints that have been made in regards to the woman’s looks.  

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According to NYPOST, the 39-year-old Pennsauken elementary school art teacher in a 14-minute video defended her clothing choice.  

“Trying to body shame me because I am curvaceous is still discrimination…   

“You want someone teaching your children that will love and protect them as if they were their own child. Blessed are the few that have educators involved in their children’s life that want to instill knowledge, positivity, love, and wisdom.”  


“You’re in a classroom taking Instagram pictures with your a– out,” one ranted beneath an eye-popping “booty” photo. “Showing pictures in the class with your butt in the air is very inappropriate!”  

“That just looks crazy and makes you desperate for likes.”   

“You’re sad, taking booty pics during class?” 

“I got no problem with her dressing how she dresses. Obviously she has a certain figure that she shouldn’t have to hide any more than any other teacher. That said, it’s clear in her pictures that she’s actively trying to show off her rear to the camera. And doing that in a classroom with children is just perverted.”