Curro school

South African parents are once again debating whether Curro’s prices are worthwhile. Image via Twitter: @Aashiek

To Curro or not to Curro: School trends as SA discusses if it’s worth it

‘Middle class at it again with unnecessary peer pressure,’ wrote one person while discussing Curro and it’s high prices.

Curro school

South African parents are once again debating whether Curro’s prices are worthwhile. Image via Twitter: @Aashiek

The festive season has come to an abrupt end here in South Africa and for many families, it’s right back to reality. This means that all parties are over and many are preparing their children for the school year that lies ahead. As usual, a number of the first day of school photos have headed online. This has led to a big discussion about Curro – a private school which many think is overpriced.

Every parent dreams of sending their children to the best schools and institutions but for many South Africans, this dream is very far-fetched.

As many children headed back to school on Wednesday 12 January this year, a big discussion has been started online about one private school in particular – Curro.

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The institution was first founded in 1998 and is currently headed by Andries Greyling. What makes the school so interesting is the small classes, the attention to detail, and the wide varieties of activities and curriculum kiddies are exposed to.

But with all the attention to detail comes a hefty price tag – something many South Africans feel is way too much:

Here’s what Mzansi thinks

As they do, proud parents of Curro students headed online to share snaps of their little ones in the uniform. This resulted in a big debate around the school and why people are so interested in sending their children there. Here are some of their comments:

@CheriFlavour wrote:

“A child going to Curro might be nothing to you. Some of us didn’t even smell the gates of private schools or even think our kids would one day access them. If my child is going there trust and believe that I’m gonna post. Go vomit if it makes you sick.”

@Mahlody_Hlako said:

“Curro is actually one of the reasonable private schools, the school fees of Curro differ based on the location of the school.”

@sktumelo said:

“Middle class at it again with unnecessary peer pressure; Curro.”

@getjiese said:

“Curro is built for rich people no lies, let’s stick to our lines. That school is way too expensive, let those who can afford take their kids there.”

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