ghost marriage

An influencer’s ashes were stolen from a funeral home for a ghost marriage. Image via Pixabay

Men steal influencer’s ashes to sell for ghost marriage

Three men were detained after attempting to sell a 25-year-old Chinese influencer’s ashes for a ghost marriage.

ghost marriage

An influencer’s ashes were stolen from a funeral home for a ghost marriage. Image via Pixabay

Three Chinese men have reportedly been detained after attempting to sell an influencer’s ashes for a ghost marriage, a folk custom in some regions in China. The influencer died in October after drinking pesticide on a live stream. 


It was reported by Global Times that influencer Luoxiaomaomaozi was encouraged to drink pesticide by her followers during a live broadcast on Thursday 14 October on China’s version of TikTok, Douyin

The 25-year-old influencer was rushed to the hospital and her family confirmed that medical professionals could not save her and declared her dead on Friday 15 October. 

According to the publication, a person who claimed to be the influencer’s friend said Luoxiaomaomaozi called the hospital herself when the live stream was over. The friend also claimed that the influencer suffered from depression.

In one of her last videos on Douyin she is reported to have said: “This is probably my last video as I have been suffering from depression for a long time.” 


According to the BBC, ghost marriages are only for the dead but recently, some ghost marriages have been between one living person and one dead person. The wedding ceremony would usually take place at the resting place of the dead and serves as a form of emotional compensation for bereaved families. 

Dr Huang Jingchun says: “The basic idealogy behind ghost weddings is that the deceased continue their lives in the afterlife. So if someone didn’t get married when they lived, they stil need to be wedded after their death.” 

In another report by the Global Times, it is reported that the 25-year-old influencer’s ashes were stolen by a worker from a funeral home where her body was cremated. The ashes were taken for a ghost marriage. 

The funeral worker had conspired with two other men who were tasked with looking for a buyer for the ashes. The deal had reportedly failed and all three men were detained.

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According to an insider, undertakers can earn big bucks for a successful ghost marriage in China. One can earn between 50 000 and 70 00 yuan (R124 131 – R173 784).

Interestingly enough, ghost marriages are mostly done in northern and central China but can also be found in South East Asia.