LiquiFruit Juices.

LiquiFruit Juices. Images via Twitter @nyikooop and @Spinomuhle

[WATCH] ‘Chicken intestines’: SA reacts to horror ‘fungus’ found in LiquiFruit juices

‘I bought it at Game,’ said the South African man who found ‘fungus’ in his LiquiFruit juice on Wednesday after drinking the last glass.

LiquiFruit Juices.

LiquiFruit Juices. Images via Twitter @nyikooop and @Spinomuhle

A South African man was horrified this week when he found “fungus” in his LiquiFruit juice after pouring the last glass.

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The social media user @NyikoooP revealed he’s still not okay after drinking the “contaminated” LiquiFruit juice on Wednesday, 6 December.

“This is what I found yesterday, worse! It was after I poured the last glass that no man, there’s something inside. I am still not okay, and it seems like a lot of people are also finding things in these juices,” he tweeted.

When asked where he bought the juice, Nyiko revealed he bought it at Game in Thohoyandou, Limpopo.

Another social media user @Spinomuhle also shared a video of South Africans opening a LiquiFruit and finding what appears to be “fungus” inside the container.

A social media user @GumedeLondiweh revealed: “I’ve seen a lot of these on TikTok. And no, it’s NOT from Pakistani’s its well-known supermarkets selling and currently this juice is on special”.

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@xlogga: “And still no word from Pioneer Foods or whoever owns the Liqui Fruit brand.”

@Dskyisblue4sure: “Omg I would have vomited everything my intestines included if possible.”

@GumedeLondiweh: “I’ve seen a lot of these on TikTok. And no its NOT from Pakistani’s well known supermarkets are selling and currently this juice is on special. I don’t even buy it. I’ll rather drink #CappyJuice.”

@tandoor_g: “Reason why I switched to cappy or the juices in bottles ngoba liqui fruit changed branding after many complaints were made of their juices having that.”

@NyikoooP: “Omg now we will have to go back to buy transparent contained juices shame.”

@YoTAle1: “Hard workers have retired from production departments, only the new lazy generation are left producing rubbish, to be honest even Coke doesn’t taste the same anymore.”

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